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Stellar Industries EC2000 Service Crane

This crane, designed to mount to the rear of your service truck, has a 6,500 ft/lb. capacity, and 2000 lb. (two-part) 1000 lb. (single-part) maximum lifting capacity.


Additional Features

  • Electric winch, with removable tethered remote control cable
  • Hand-operated brake, for controlled rotation and stowage
  • Boom may be extended from a 4-foot stowed position to a 7-foot maximum reach
  • Tethered remote is removeable for easy storage

Crane Specifications

  • Crane rating - 6500 ft/lbs.
  • Standard boom length 4’ from CL of crane
  • Boom extension 1st stage: Manual 18” , 2nd stage: Manual 18”
  • Max horizontal reach 7’ from CL of crane
  • Max vertical lift 10’ 9”
  • Boom elevation 0 degrees to +21 to +56 degree
  • Rotation 340 degree manual
  • Lifting capacities 1580 lbs. at 4’, 1190 lbs. at 5’ 6” , 930 lbs. at 7’
  • Stowed height 59.50 inches (Short mast is 30 inches)
  • Mounting space req. 12 x 12 inches
  • Approx shipping weight 275 lbs.

The more economically priced EC2000 with manual rotation and brake will do the job very well for you in many applications.

The power rotation model, with streamlined rotation assembly and dual function corded remote control pendant, offers the more positive braking features inherent in a power driven gear drive.

Both cranes feature 6,500 ft./lb. crane rating, with a maximum capacity of 2,000 lbs., and a maximum reach to seven feet in two manual stages. 40 feet of 3/16” diameter wire rope allows plenty of capacity to get into those below grade excavations. Loaded current draw is 80 amps., available with two elevation choices, with a maximum elevation of 56 degrees enabling a vertical reach of 11 feet. Both cranes are available in a short mast version


NOTE: All Stellar cranes meet ANSI B30.5 and OSHA 1910.180 specifications.




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