Active Ingredients – Interns

As our interns prepare to head back to school I realize the summer has flown by – WAIT! When did that happen? It seems as if they have just joined our family and now they have started to leave our nest. Over the last 10 weeks we have encouraged and nurtured them while basking in their successes as only a proud parent would. We are hoping that the information, skills and manufacturing insight we have provided has instilled a confidence in not only their choice of internship but the manufacturing industry and their chosen career paths.

Stellar Industries views our offered internships as a partnership between the student and our company. In order for this partnership to be successful, a number of factors (magical potion if you will) must be combined. We offer the opportunity, defined learning objectives/goals, work experience that continues their classroom learning, supervision and guidance as well as feedback that support the objectives/goals. The student offers their time and commitment to the internship, the knowledge they have gained thru their education, their ability to make the connection between concepts, theories and practice. The student comes to us with their goals for learning and we work together to create an environment where both partners feel the internship is a success.

So to our 2015 Interns, thank you for choosing Stellar Industries, Inc. as your summer family! It’s hard to say goodbye when you have left us with such lasting impressions. We are proud to partner with you in your learning experience. We wish the best for you in your future and hope that when you look back on your time at Stellar, you smile. Spread your wings and fly!