April Fool’s!

April Fool’s Day is the first Day of April and is traditionally a day of practical jokes and harmless pranks.  This can be a lot of fun and there are those that go to great lengths to pull off a good joke or prank in the pursuit of a good laugh.  However, when it comes to delivering customer expectations, there is no room for fooling around.  Everybody in a customer centric organization is responsible for keeping the customer satisfied and that is how to make a customer smile.  This means internal as well as external customers for we should treat both the same.  Think about it, if we are all in the habit of responding to our fellow employees in a customer like fashion, just how much better will we be when the external customer is involved?  And of course, in a customer centric organization, all activity has the end result of making the external customer smile.

So Happy April Fool’s Day – have some fun, make people laugh and keep the customer smiling J