Why We Go Above and Beyond

Being a part of Stellar Industries, Inc. is knowing our customer base.  We have a very broad product offering that is spread throughout the globe.  Our team members in Customer Service can attest to this.  They may talk through an issue with a customer in South Carolina at eight o’clock in the morning, sell a service kit to a customer on Alaska’s North Slope in the afternoon, and address an installation procedure with a distributor in Australia before days end. It’s exciting to see the presence that Stellar has taken in the global market in recent years.

Having a global presence is a wonderful way of showing the world the values that we have at Stellar.  Our customers know that when they buy a Stellar product, they are getting personal attention with it.  They know that we will always treat them with fairness, listen to them, and do our best to help whenever we can.  This rare element is something our customers appreciate, our sales team promotes as a benefit,  and our service team prides themselves on and strives to implement with each customer contact.  Being a benchmark company with a personal touch is what is going to keep us growing.  Every facet of Stellar shows this personal touch.  Our customers love coming to Stellar and visiting with everyone involved with their product, they love to hear the stories of Stellar that we share with them.  The growth of Stellar Industries is directly related to the friendliness and personal touch that comes with every Stellar product, at no additional charge. Our tagline… Our PEOPLE. Our Products.

We’re Hiring!

Stellar Industries is very fortunate in the fact that we are really busy and need some extra help. As I walk around the facilities I see that welders are humming, wrenches are turning, and trucks are moving. This is a sign of the times that the local economy is in full-force and running strong. This has provided us with the opportunity to add many more Stellar team members. There are jobs available in various departments in first and second shift.

We have a strong Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) program as well as excellent health benefits and 401k offerings. We have a stellar safety record and modern facilities. So, please inform your friends and family that are looking for an excellent place to work of our current openings and feel free to refer them to our websites for job descriptions.


Trade Show Follow-Up

You may have heard we’ve been busy with trade shows and will continue to be busy with trade shows until the end of April. We recently wrapped up two major shows, The NTEA Work Truck Show and the CONEXPO-CON/AGG show. We’ve got some great information to share from each show.

1. We held our 10th Annual Distributor Meeting at the NTEA Work Truck Show, and it was a success.   We had a great turn out even with the bad weather that was experienced in Indianapolis the first week of March.  We introduced the new 3315 and 4421 cranes to our distribution at the meeting, as well as shared information about some of our other product lines we offer.

2. CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 was one of our most successful trades shows ever!  The new products we featured were very well received.  If the statistics from the show are any indication, the market appears to be headed in the right direction.

We’ve created a landing page on our site specifically for the new products that we unveiled at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG Trade Show that can be found herehttp://www.stellarindustries.com/conexpo2014/

Also, here are a few pictures we captured from the CONEXPO-CON/AGG trade show, have a peek at all the great stuff we had to show off!




Our red mechanic trucks were a big hit!


Cessna Aircraft featured one of our cranes in their booth.  They use our cranes for their mobile service.


Here’s a picture of the inside booth.


We also had a one of our OTR 17,000’s on display in the Kenworth booth.


We were also represented in the Ford booth! Chris did an awesome job taking over the booth to represent Stellar.




Get To Know Our Stellar Customer Service Team

At Stellar Industries, Inc. we not only pride ourselves with our great people and products, but we also pride ourselves with our great customer service. Our team is made up of nine individuals that bring years of experience and diverse areas of expertise. We are all qualified to assist you with your comments, questions and/or concerns. Please feel free to click here to visit our customer service page to learn more about the customer service team.