It’s Duesey Days Weekend!

Are you thinking to yourself, ‘what is a Duesey?’

Duesey Days in Garner is our yearly town celebration, so named because August Duesenberg operated a bicycle shop in Garner in the early 1900’s. This was a few years before he and his brother Fred moved to St Paul, MN and started manufacturing the now very famous and highly collectible Duesenberg automobiles.

There is considerable activity around Garner in preparation for this weekend.

The air smells of freshly cut grass as the city crews are mowing and trimming in the parks around town.   The volunteers in charge of the flowers along the boulevard and streets have been busy primping and pruning. The flowers themselves are ready to celebrate, as they are literally bursting with beautiful blooms and vibrant colors.

Residents along the parade route are making sure their lawns are pristine, local businesses are ordering cases of candy, koozies, pencils and many other assorted goodies to pass out during the parade. Here at Stellar, our employees are washing and shining up trucks to drive in the parade, and our marketing department is hard at work, sure to have a highly sought after souvenir to hand out to parade watchers.

There is a general feeling of excitement and anticipation throughout all of Garner. Conversations all around town include discussion about the upcoming happenings.   It’s Duesey Days!!!

The weekend will be jam packed with activities starting Friday afternoon.   Cow Chip Bingo, a Youth Pedal Pull, the Little Miss Duesey competition, a hypnotist and a teen dance are the events of the day.

Saturday will start early with a sanctioned 10k/2 mile run/walk, followed by the parade.

The parade is my favorite part. It is so much fun to see the floats and the creativity from businesses and varying groups. Community pride is palpable.   There are smiles and happiness everywhere you look. Kids and adults alike will have bags heavy with candy and other treasures. There will be beautiful antique and show cars, shiny and gleaming Stellar Industries trucks, firetrucks and emergency vehicles, tractors, horses, and yes, we will even tolerate the many politicians. Young and old alike will line the parade route with eagerness and expectation. The parade is a very enjoyable and visible way to see how our community and local businesses are thriving.

The festivities will continue after the parade in Central park with many fun activities and entertainment. There will be games to play, youth waterball fights to cheer on your favorite team, class reunions, family reunions, a car show, vendor booths full of unique and distinctive items, and food booths.

Ah…… the food. Everyone has their favorite booth and treat sponsored by many of the local churches and various groups. As you walk through the park, the delicious smells will be hard to resist. What to eat first?   Hamburgers, brats, corn on the cob, pork loin on a stick, turkey legs, homemade pie and ice cream, cotton candy, funnel cakes…….. yum!   Are you getting hungry?

The evening will conclude with a high energy street dance by Boogie and The Yo Yo’z.   The street will be crowded, but no one will mind. Catching up with old friends who have come from near and far to celebrate is the priority.  Making new friends is easy as well, given that many visitors have discovered what a friendly and fun town celebration we have here in Garner, and return year after year.

Come and celebrate with us!   And have a Duesey of a weekend!


Webster’s Dictionary has many definitions, but the one I like is as follows:

“A state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance”.

As a member of the Stellar Accounting team, balance means that I am doing my job. When an account or spreadsheet balances, or “ties out” as we like to say, it is a job well done.   We Accounting Team “nerds” like everything to balance. And if it doesn’t, everything is out of whack until we find the problem. As a team, we often combine forces to find the source of our ‘out of balance’ situation. We share information from our individual areas of responsibility that may help determine the issue.   Through the process of relying on each other and sharing pertinent information, we are able to balance the account. Different sides of the equation with equal amounts of importance. Balance.

As I walk through our shop floor, I see balance there as well. There is an intricate balance between the teams working on trucks and other products.   One employee may be on top of the truck installing a strobe light or similar part, while another employee is underneath the truck installing another component that is just as important, though not as visible. Each employee is dependent on the other.  Different parts and employees with equal amounts of importance. Balance.

Stellar Industries as a whole is a perfect example of balance. Every department is just as important as the next, and we rely on each other to form a great company! There is balance as you walk through each department and as you follow our products through the shop. Different departments and responsibilities with equal amounts of importance. Balance.

The same can be said for our personal lives. We all must strive for a balance of work, family, friends and hobbies. Too much of any one thing puts us ‘out of balance’. Living a well-balanced life means we each must be attentive to our physical health as well as our mental health. It can be difficult at times to not be overwhelmed with the things we must do, and the things we want to do.   We must each determine our own priorities and find that balance that makes us happy and less stressed.

Balance. It is one of the keys to being efficient and successful workplace here at Stellar Industries, as well as having a satisfying personal life.