It’s All About Uptime!

This was our theme for the CONEXPO/CONAGG 2014 trade show and will remain a key message for Stellar throughout 2014.  So, what does “It’s All About Uptime” mean to our customers.  Well, first, let’s recognize that it is not just a slogan or a great catch phrase.  It means something to us and to our customers.  Since our beginning, Stellar has developed product with the focus on helping customers be more productive.  I can remember when our first telescopic crane development began, we committed ourselves to changing the way operators understood telescopic service cranes.  We knew we could provide a product that would change the way people thought of mechanics service cranes.  We invested in technology like planetary winches, radio remote controls, advanced hexagonal boom designs, and two stage internal extension systems to really bring value to the end user.  Our focus was not to be the cheapest, but to be the best. We just knew that if we could fundamentally improve the productivity of our end users, that they would in turn improve the productivity of their customer.  When a mechanic using a Stellar® crane can do a job faster and more efficiently than a competitive product, we knew customers would see the value at the end of the day.  And they did!  This is why “It’s All About Uptime!”

Today, we are on the verge of another great leap in control technology.  The Stellar® CDTplus™ equipment control system will allow operators to know their ability to lift a load via an LCD screen on their handheld radio controller.  This is a huge  “Uptime” productivity improvement.  Operators will be able to place a crane hook over a load and know instantly what the capacity of the crane will be in that location.  Plus, it will be able to tell you how much further you can move that load.  We at Stellar are confident that customers will see the value in this addition to our product line, and will continue to move towards Stellar as their preferred supplier of telescopic service cranes.

Please watch our website for updates on the rollout dates for our new Stellar® CDTplus™ Control System as well as the new TMAX Series of bodies.