Being More Efficient and Setting Goals

Being more efficient is a broad phrase, so let me break it down. I am talking about me being more efficient with my daily, monthly tasks and creating goals.

Efficiency in daily and monthly tasks are important to help the company operate as smoothly as possible. An example of this would be how we started using a service that allows you to create forms, collect form data and export directly into an excel or pdf format. Before using a service that did this, we’d have to create a form that takes roughly 10x times longer to build, then we’d have to copy and paste the data into an excel file, so by using third party software we’re able to improve this process by nearly 10x leaving room to take on more projects.

By being more efficient within the marketing department, therefore helping Stellar as a whole become more efficient. We’re gearing up to attain our goal we’ve set for ourself. You can bet it’s not an easy goal to attain because what’s a goal if it doesn’t push yourself or the company in the right direction?

As a company whole, we’ve been focusing as well on setting goals that will help push us in the right direction of company growth. If you don’t have something to work towards how do you expect to improve your skills?

These are just a few examples how we are continuing to be Stellar at what we do.