Fabrication – A Trade We’ll Teach! Now Hiring!

Flipping channels the other night, my husband tunes into that History Channel show with those two guys from Iowa that travel the country to buy junk. For some reason he finds this show entertaining. I find it annoying. Please don’t take offense, this is just my opinion. I know many people like and enjoy this show and I do recognize the value in some of the items these guys come across. I usually skim past the show as it just really isn’t of much interest to me. Knock, knock, knock. Enter compromise. The television remains on the channel and he continues to watch so I pick up my book and read a few pages. I glanced up and saw a guy on the show talking about chopping down the roofline of an old rusted out car. What really caught my attention was that he was wearing a t-shirt that had a definition style to it – definition – like a dictionary (yes, I know I’m dating myself!). But that shirt was pretty unique!


noun. (fab-ri-keyt-r)

Someone who makes something you can’t.

I thought “Hey – that’s us – that’s Stellar!” We’ve got fabricators, welders, assemblers, material handlers, painters and more! We have this great big team of employees that all have a hand in making something that not just anyone can. They use their hands to make something that our customers find value in. And I do have to say it’s a pretty great feeling when you are out away from home and see that Stellar Industries, Inc. logo on a work truck, crane or a piece of equipment that you actually know who helped build it. Knock, knock, knock. Enter hometown pride.

So maybe I did glean a benefit from watching the antiquing show…. I get it now. The stuff Mike and Frank are finding during their episodes is what has led us to where and who we are today. It’s our history. That piece of history was made by someone, someone who used their hands, spent their time and effort and put a lot of sweat into creating or fabricating “something” much like our team members do here.

We are resourceful. We are dedicated. We are owners.

And – we are looking for people to join us!

P.s. We will train!

Check out our current openings:




I Make America

Are you a Stellar Employee? Distributor? Customer? Do you know someone that works in a manufacturing job in the US? Most of you are going to answer yes to one of those questions – so read on and then join me at the end.

Several years ago one of the major associations we belong to, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers – or AEM, started a grassroots advocacy campaign called “I Make America”. The goal of the campaign is for US manufacturers to make some noise in Washington DC and advocate for pro-manufacturing policies to increase and sustain jobs and prosperity for America’s equipment manufacturers, such as ourselves. Through the I Make America campaign, the AEM encourages participating member companies, their employees and customers, to support the manufacturing industry, get involved, and take action on domestic policy issues that matter most to us and our communities.

We quickly climbed on board with the campaign. Since the inception of the campaign, Stellar has worked diligently throughout the years getting employees, vendors and customers to pledge their support by signing up for the campaign on the www.imakeamerica.com website. We’ve written numerous letters to our representatives, we’ve hosted the representatives, the governor and lt. governor, and we’ve hosted several presidential candidates. Our efforts and our participation is a sign to our elected representatives that we want them to listen to us and to take action on the items that support pro-manufacturing policies in the US – such as the Highway Bill. We want Washington to create business conditions that will help grow our economy, increase and sustain US manufacturing jobs by encouraging infrastructure investment, protect the US farming and manufacturing industries, increase our American exports, and help the US keep pace with other global manufacturing companies and producers.

So today, as in days past, I stand up again and declare “I Make America!” How about you? Do YOU make America? I think you do – Help us make some noise in Washington. It costs you nothing more than a few minutes of your time to sign up to show your support, and the rewards can be priceless. Join Stellar and the AEM at www.IMakeAmerica.com or follow them on Twitter and Facebook @IMakeAmerica – let’s make some noise!

Active Ingredients – Interns

As our interns prepare to head back to school I realize the summer has flown by – WAIT! When did that happen? It seems as if they have just joined our family and now they have started to leave our nest. Over the last 10 weeks we have encouraged and nurtured them while basking in their successes as only a proud parent would. We are hoping that the information, skills and manufacturing insight we have provided has instilled a confidence in not only their choice of internship but the manufacturing industry and their chosen career paths.

Stellar Industries views our offered internships as a partnership between the student and our company. In order for this partnership to be successful, a number of factors (magical potion if you will) must be combined. We offer the opportunity, defined learning objectives/goals, work experience that continues their classroom learning, supervision and guidance as well as feedback that support the objectives/goals. The student offers their time and commitment to the internship, the knowledge they have gained thru their education, their ability to make the connection between concepts, theories and practice. The student comes to us with their goals for learning and we work together to create an environment where both partners feel the internship is a success.

So to our 2015 Interns, thank you for choosing Stellar Industries, Inc. as your summer family! It’s hard to say goodbye when you have left us with such lasting impressions. We are proud to partner with you in your learning experience. We wish the best for you in your future and hope that when you look back on your time at Stellar, you smile. Spread your wings and fly!

Our People. Our Health.

Friday, June 12th at the Iowa Association of Business and Industry’s Annual Meeting and Conference, Stellar Industries, Inc. was recognized as the first place winner in the Large Employer – Western Division of the state for the Healthiest Employer Award.  This award recognizes organizations that proactively improve the health of their population measuring many components:  Culture & Leadership Commitment, Foundational Components, Strategic Planning, Communications & Marketing, Programming & Interventions and Reporting & Analysis.  The Healthiest Employer Index shows the National Average at 48.74% with Iowa coming in just below average at 45.74%.  Stellar’s index in this reporting came in at 53.46%!  This tells us that our wellness program is working compared with other companies not just in the state, but on a national level.

As an employee owned and self-insured company, the Stellar Industries, Inc. wellness program is in each employee’s best interest.  Since the program’s inception in 2007, our active participation in the Stellar Wellness Program has proven that our individual health matters!  We continue to educate our employees in becoming smarter consumers of Health Care.  By partnering with Hancock County Health System/Workplace Wellness (HCHS), we are able to maximize each participant’s benefits of this program by essentially customizing each participant’s wellness plan to what is best for that individual.  Annual physicals, bloodwork and recommended screenings based on age (colonoscopies/mammograms) in addition to on-site health coaching really tailors our wellness program to each individual, their wants and needs.  The Stellar Wellness Program is employee driven.  Though our program continues to evolve, one thing has stayed constant.  The health and well-being of our employees is the purpose of this program.

Our wellness program is making a difference in the lives of our employees.  Our employees have not only improved their overall Behavioral Risk Scores from July 2013 to January 2015 but overall improvements in HDL and LDL Cholesterol, Fasting Glucose, Triglycerides and Blood Pressure have improved, some dramatically!  21% of our Wellness participants showed an improvement in their total cholesterol levels and a whopping 63% of participants showed an improvement in their triglyceride levels.  An even better indicator of how our wellness program is succeeding is that 8 wellness participants in the High Risk category made healthy lifestyle changes moving them out of High Risk into the Medium Risk category and one participant moved from the Medium Risk category into the Low Risk category.  Overall, 196 participants showed improvement in their numbers.  These numbers are telling us that we are headed in the right direction and helping our employees to make healthy lifestyle changes.

2015 brought us the addition of covered spouses to our wellness program as well as adding a Diabetic Education Program to all covered employees and their dependents diagnosed with diabetes.  As we move forward and our wellness program continues to evolve we are dedicated to look for more ways to improve our program, knowing that it is making a difference in our employees’ lives.  Wellness is a continuous commitment that is constantly changing.  In order for a wellness program to be a success, employee involvement on all levels is imperative.  The challenge is keeping that buzz going – keeping it fun and yet beneficial.  If employees can take ownership of their health and a responsibility for their choices a feeling of excitement and motivation ensues.

As important and personal as wellness is, you would think that it wouldn’t take the back burner as often as it does.  Wellness is not a Band-Aid®.  It takes support, strategy and time from the company and the employee.  With only 24 hours in a day, we are looking to fit as much in as possible.  Isn’t it “more time” that we are all after?  Shouldn’t it be “better time?”  Wellness is a means to enhance that time, to enhance that quality of life.

Our wellness program’s success is because of the dedication of our employees and their commitment to making healthy lifestyle choices, no matter how big or small.  One single step can lead to great things!




March Madness

Forget February, it’s finally March! Which means one incredible thing: March Madness is here!  I wasn’t sure what to write about this week in the Stellar Blog.  Then, I heard on the news that more people will complete a bracket with their NCAA basketball picks, than voted in the last election.  So, I thought I would complete my bracket and focus my blogging efforts towards March Madness. 

I started off very excited as fans in the state of Iowa were represented by our three state universities: UNI, Iowa, and ISU.  Yesterday, ISU blew my bracket with a loss.  I was anxious about the UNI Panthers going into their game today.  However, they ended up with a big win!  I didn’t get a chance to watch either game since I am diligently at my desk working!  I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV but I am just competitive enough to keep an eye on the scores and cheer for the teams that will help me advance in my brackets.

You say you’re not a basketball fan?  Well, there is also a big NCAA Wrestling Tournament going on in St. Louis as well — this one is for collegiate grapplers. What? You’re not a sports fan at all and my whole blog has sounded more like Charlie Brown’s teacher?  Wah wah wah ….Well, I’m sure you can find something to do during March Madness.  If you watched any of the Bachelor series this season, you may have gotten the impression there isn’t much to do in Iowa, but I disagree.  It seems there is always something going on in a community where you know so many people.

If you are someone that doesn’t have any March Madness in your life and you want to experience some of ours, we invite you to join us.  We have been very busy at Stellar and are on a hiring streak.  So wander over to our employment page http://www.stellarindustries.com/employment.php  and check out what’s available.  Garner is a great place to re-locate and we’d love to have you join our community.  And of course our customers don’t have to fear, we recognize this can be an unproductive time of year because of all the “Madness”, but rest assured we are working as hard as ever and continuing to ship a lot of product every day!  So, I’ll end with one last cheer  “Go Team Stellar!”