Stellar Designs New Tire Service Body that Lightens the Load

The Ford Transit has replaced the F350 as a more popular chassis for smaller Stellar® Tire Service Trucks. The move to the Transit chassis was one based almost completely on weight. Any truck over 10,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight (GVW) used commercially is considered a commercial truck, resulting in drivers being subject to DOT regulations regarding driver log books and hours of service restrictions, as well as other transitcompliance requirements. If a business is able, it is simpler to stay under 10,000 pounds GVW. Since customers are challenged to keep under 10,000 pounds with the Ford 350 due to the starting chassis weight, they are now choosing the Transit as a lighter weight alternative. To assist our customers in the challenge to stay light weight, Stellar Industries has designed a body specifically for the Transit chassis, and the successful result is the development of the Stellar® 1004 Service Truck. The 1004 has been designed to fit the Ram ProMaster as well.

 Listening to customers and delivering a quality solution at an acceptable price is a key ingredient to success at Stellar. It takes a team of people with the correct attitude and skills to execute, along with solid organizational team, to make a project like this work!  Our People. Our Products. That’s what makes us “Stellar”.

Drawer Systems – Built to Work

At our American Eagle Accessories Group division, we produce industry leading drawer systems under the American Eagle brand name that are built to take the extreme rigors that are present in almost every imaginable work environment. We use 500 lb. capacity slides that come with a no-hassle lifetime guarantee. Unlike our competitors, if there is a broken slide, we will send out a new pair with fasteners at no charge. No questions asked, just give us a shipping address and we will handle the rest.

We also use a tough powder coated finish. Powder coating the drawer fronts makes the finish virtually indestructible and will look great for the life of your service truck. We offer this tough, powder coat finish in gray for our heavy-duty drawer systems and blue for our lightweight aluminum systems. If other colors are requested, we do have the capabilities to paint whatever color our customer wants.

All of our American Eagle® drawer systems are made right in Garner, Iowa, in a state-of-the-art facility, by employee owners that take pride in what they do. We all know that every product that leaves our facility is a reflection of not only our company as a whole, but also a reflection of us as individuals. So, every time you get an American Eagle drawer system, remember that it was fabricated and assembled by PEOPLE that really care about OUR PRODUCTS.

Click here to view our Aluminum Series Drawer Systems.

What Work Trucks are Built Around

American Eagle and Stellar Industries are dedicated to providing our customers with solutions to help them work smarter and more efficiently. A big part of this is the offerings we have through our facilities at American Eagle. American Eagle offers a large array of compressors, drawer systems, and other storage solutions. Just to give you an idea of the dedication, we currently have well over 5,000 different drawer set offerings and will not hesitate to build what you require. We even offer drawer sets in an aluminum, lighter duty drawer system.

In addition to the large amount of drawer systems, we even offer a large selection of compressors. We have four models of single stage, four models of two stage, three models of rotary screw, and a large offering of gas or diesel engine driven compressors. The engine driven compressors are either two stage or rotary screw. Depending on your air needs, we offer a compressor that will work reliably for many years.

So, please give us a call and let’s talk about what your needs are and what we can do to fulfill them. We can probably get you the solution that you need to be more productive at a cost effective price.

Independence. The Freedom of Choice.

Independence.  It’s a big word.  Not just by the number of letters that make it up, but by its definition.  Webster defines it as “the freedom from outside control or support: the state of being independent.”

Put it together with the word “day” and now we’re talking about a special day we celebrate in this country every year.  It is the day we celebrate our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.  Amidst all the fireworks, parades, carnivals, picnics and bonfires this is a time to celebrate, and a time to reflect.   It is a time to be thankful for our freedoms, and be thankful to those who help uphold those freedoms.  It’s a time to take a step back and really take to heart these words taken from the United States Declaration of Independence:
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

This is also a great time to think about your freedom of choice when in the market for a new service truck or hooklift.  We understand that there are many options out there when you are researching your next purchase.    We hope as you are doing so, that you will take the time to explore our website,, or call one of our knowledgeable staff to learn more about what sets our Stellar® products above the rest. We are an employee owned company whose employees are vested in the products we build and the service we provide.  We are proud to be an American manufacturer, and our finished goods reflect that.  We strive to offer innovative and industry leading technological products that will make the customer more efficient, productive and profitable.  And this helps ALL of us in our pursuit of happiness.

Happy Independence Day!  Celebrate Big. Celebrate Safe.  Celebrate your Independence!

Reflection on Waste Expo

Stellar Industries just got done with one of the many trade shows we attend, Waste Expo. It was an excellent time to get together with current customers and to meet new prospective customers. It was also the time where we put our best products out there for everyone to see. This year we launched a new model of Hooklift, the Slider50.

We were able to come to the market with a new model that will handle a large range of container lengths, containers from 16′-­‐20′. The Slider50 is also lighter than comparable Hooklift hoists on the market, but is 20% faster than our other Hooklift models. The light weight and faster speed are fantastic benefits for our customers, they are able to haul more material and get it done faster. This equates to more revenue for our customers.

We had a lot of interest in the new model, and we even had a customer come to our booth to see what he has on order. As we worked our way around the show truck and explained the features and benefits, we could tell he is excited about using his new Stellar Hooklift. This is just a sign of things to come, as we work forward with this new model as well as our existing models, our customer base will grow and Stellar will keep being a leader in the market place.