Product Spotlight – Stellar® TM20165 OTR Service Truck

The Stellar® TM20165 is the most powerful and capable truck-mounted tire manipulator available in the industry today. With a rated capacity of 20,000 lbs. the Stellar® TM20165 is capable of handling the 59/80R63 tire and rim combination, and with over 24-feet of reach, ensures your ability to change inside duals without repositioning the truck. The tire manipulator itself features 315 degree body rotation, 360 degree continuous pad rotation, and clamping spans of 44-165 inches. With the clamping range offered by the tire manipulator, operators will have the ability to handle wheel components and complete tire and rim assemblies without the need for special adapters.


A few of the TM20165 features are:

  • The TM20165 service body features a rugged 20-foot heavy-duty steel body with enough storage space to handle all the tools necessary for doing your job.
  • Compressor options include the American Eagle® SHD-245 or a hydraulic-driven rotary screw compressor. The SHD-245 is an industrial 4-cylinder 2-stage design that produces 110 cfm at 175 psi. The optional hydraulic-driven rotary screw compressor has an output ranging from 125 -160 cfm at 150 psi.
  • The remote control system used by Stellar Industries, offers precise, smooth, multifunction crane operation. The paddle handle remote control box allows the crane operator to engage multiple crane functions with the same precision as manual controls.

This are just a few of the innovative features that the 20165 has, if you’d like to learn more about the Stellar® TM20165 OTR Service Truck or any other Stellar products, please contact our sales department at (800) 321-3741.