2014 Work Truck Show

The National Truck Equipment Association Work Truck Show will once again be held in Indianapolis the first week of March. The Work Truck Show is a very important event for us at Stellar Industries, as it offers us the opportunity to meet and visit with many of our present and future distributors and suppliers in one very busy week.

The NTEA has been an important trade association for Stellar Industries since our company was formed in 1990. Without the NTEA, gathering data on how to interface with the various truck manufacturers truck chassis, confirming road regulations from the various states and provinces, or knowing the type and placement of lights on a truck body would be much more difficult processes. The Work Truck Show not only offers a chance for us to meet our selling partners, but it also provides us with the opportunity to renew our knowledge on important changes that impact our industry through the many educational seminars that are offered during the Work Truck Show.

The 2014 edition of the Work Truck Show provides another reason for all companies of the truck equipment industry to attend. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the National Truck Equipment Association. In the fifty years since the founding of the NTEA, our industry has experienced many changes. Some companies that were once leaders in their market segment are now gone, while new organizations have arisen to take their place. The one constant that has been with our industry all these years has been the NTEA.

Congratulations to the NTEA and the Work Truck Show on fifty successful years of guiding our industry!