Change of Pace

Summer break being here means an almost complete switch of what I will be doing with my time.  Instead of having a heavy workload in school and working few hours with Stellar during the week, I will now be able to work many hours and have just a light load of schoolwork.  I started at Stellar last Monday, but have a complete break from schooling until June when I will start my online course(s).  I am enrolled in a five-credit physics class through Iowa Western and may be taking a speech class, also online, through NIACC at some point this summer.  Although it will be different there are plenty of bonuses, such as the communication at Stellar being much better because I will actually be present and the fact that I won’t have to actually go anywhere to go to class.  However this summer works out, it will feel good to get back into a routine, which I haven’t been in since the week before finals. It is good to be home and I look forward to seeing everybody when I start coming in every day!