I don’t have as many years of experience as most, if not all of the people reading this, but even in the short amount of time I’ve had dealing with communication on a professional level I have noticed many changes. These changes have varied from the way newsletters are sent out, to the way social media is utilized, to the way dealers are supplied with information and resources, and more. With these changes in the way communication is done and knowing the previous changes of communication before my time, it is very reasonable to think that it will be a fluid and ever changing thing in our lives, so I’m very glad that I have been able to learn the newest techniques and be at the cutting edge of communicative technologies with my time with Stellar Industries.

The area I encountered this the most was when I was helping work on the new Stellar Industries distributor site.  In my perhaps biased opinion, I think it is a much better way to communicate to Stellar Industries’ dealers and make sure that they have every resource that they could possibly need.  Even better, they can have all of that in an easy to use and secure way, for both the employees of Stellar Industries and the end user. Overall, It was a great experience because I was able to make something that will benefit Stellar Industries, its dealers and its customers for the foreseeable future, but also because I was able to learn how to make a user friendly and secure website through WordPress, the web builder tool that we used.  There was a big learning curve involved with using WordPress, but it proved to be worth it in the end.