Cross The LIne

Twice every year our sales and marketing team get together for 3 days for a sales meeting. This was the week we held our winter session. This was the week that a line was drawn…. And we have been challenged to cross it.

If you’ve never heard of Sam Parker, I’m going to give him an unsolicited plug right now. He’s a motivational speaker and writer and is co-founder of Give More Media. You can find him at In a nutshell, Sam and his team have created several programs to help individuals and organizations focus, build better relationships, seek new opportunities, get excited and be successful. In the past, we’ve used his programs as a portion of our sales meetings, including Sales Tough and 212˚. This week, we had the opportunity to be challenged by his Cross the Line program.

The Cross the Line program has a short video that basically challenges you to make a commitment, to focus, and go beyond mediocrity in everything you do. You have a choice. Do you cross the line where there is a greater chance to experience greater things (results, relationships, opportunities), or do you stay where you’re at, in your comfort zone, and have less of a chance? With this message also come the challenges you face in crossing that line. Obstacles, other people…. Yourself. Ohhhhhh….. there’s a tough one to swallow! Here’s where the real challenge came about for our group. Look in the mirror. Are YOU your own obstacle? That’s not an easy thing to do. It’s hard to turn that finger and point at yourself as an obstacle.

To circle back a moment, last summer at our summer sales meeting session we started setting some sales goals and where we thought as a sales and marketing team we could be in the next five years with sales volume at Stellar. Now, because this is an open blog with customers, employees and competition reading this, I’m not going to divulge what that beautiful and challenging goal is, but it’s a challenging one, nonetheless. It is also definitely obtainable, if we are willing to cross the line.

Of course our five-year goal was brought up in discussion this week, and specifically as we were working thru this program. How are we going to get there? How are WE going to cross the line? Here’s where it got “fun”. Obstacles. Other people. Oh, those were easy peasy to point out. But those aren’t the real challenge. It was time for self-reflection. What about me? What am I going to do to change and cross the line to make that goal? That’s when it got challenging. It’s not always easy to look inward to find the things each of us need to change or do in order to commit, focus and cross the line. You have to ask yourself, how do I overcome those challenges that I can identify within myself? Do I stay late? Get there early? Take extra time and focus to do it right the first time? You bet! Will I make mistakes? You bet! But I must be willing to commit, focus, dust myself off, learn from my mistakes and trudge on. It’s that commitment, the focus, and the hard work ethic that I know I have, and that each of us has inside us, that will take us to that beautiful five-year goal.

At the very end of our meeting this week, one of our newest co-workers gave us an “outsider looking in” perspective. He told us that we have it in us. We are on our way to that goal and it is very much within our reach. We work hard, we’re innovative, and we have the best quality product with the best customer service out there. And the one thing he said that really hit it for me was he said, “We care.” Perhaps that is just one of those benefits of being an ESOP company, we all have a vested interest in the success of Stellar, but it’s one that we should build upon. The majority of our group that was gathered this week has a lot of years under our belts. Experience is a great thing, but sometimes we get in a routine and a rut. I think it’s time we hit the reset button. It’s time we make a choice. It’s time to [re]focus. It’s time to [re]commit. It’s time to work hard. It’s time to be resilient. It’s time to cross the line!

Plenty of our blog readers have a connection to Stellar in some form, whether you are an employee in a different department, a family member to an employee, a distributor or customer or just a friend. I challenge you. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself… How can I help Stellar cross the line? Which side of the line will you choose?