Do You Have a Plan?

Do you have a plan?

These past couple of days our management team has been on a strategic planning retreat. They are discussing goals and plans for Stellar Industries, Inc. for the next 5, 10, 20 years and probably beyond. I would guess some of the top priorities are to define where we want to be at each of these milestones. How are we going to proceed to adjust to the current growth we are experiencing and the growth we are expecting to see over the next several years? What do we add, what do we eliminate? How do we get better? And I’m sure many other topics are on their list as well.
This got me thinking. What are my individual long-term goals? Have I really sat down and put together my own personal strategic plan? Where do I want to be with my life in 5, 10 and 20 years and how to I successfully get there? Have I ever taken the time to clarify my values? Or what about creating my own personal Mission Statement? These are such great questions. But they are HARD questions! In a person’s personal life there are many aspects to consider, just as in a business. Financial, health, family, marriage, friends, social, career, spiritual, mental, educational, emotional, recreational. So where do I start?

I think a good place to start would be making some lists. A list of things I need and want in my life – sort of a bucket list, but even more detailed with needs, not just wants. Then make a list of my strengths and talents. I need a list of my hopes, dreams and aspirations. From these lists I can start to form a list of specific goals and priorities, and then from there, form an outline as to how I can achieve these goals.

Getting that plan in place is just the first step though. Now comes the hard part. Follow-through. Execution. Living the plan.   I need to schedule time on my calendar to frequently review the plan, which will help keep me focused and on track. However, lest I forget, life also doesn’t always go according to plan, so I must keep in mind that this is a working document, and it may need to be adjusted as life happens to me.  Adjust, modify, and refocus. I must remember to remain realistic, and to let the plan reflect who I am and who I want to be. This is MY plan. This is my path to success and happiness. Now how about you…. Do you have a Plan?