Get Out and VOTE!

While it is not a Presidential election year, the voting that will be conducted across our nation tomorrow is just as important as electing a President. From the amount of candidate advertising flooding our television and radio stations, newspapers, and mail boxes, you know this is an important election year.

Here in Iowa we will be voting to elect a new Senator to represent us in Washington, DC as Senator Harkin is retiring. With Senators being elected every 6 years, this is our chance for a fresh start for Senate representation for Iowa. For years, our votes in the Senate have always cancelled each other out. This is our chance to change that. Joni Ernst would work well beside Senator Grassley, who has visited us here at Stellar Industries numerous times.

We also have a chance to vote on our Federal Representative for our area. Steve King currently represents our district in Iowa. Mr King visited Stellar a couple years ago. Being a former contractor, Mr. King was very impressed with the products we produce.

The Governor’s office is also up for election this year. Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds, who both visited Stellar Industries, Inc. this summer, are up for re-election.

On a more local basis, we have a relative of one of our co-workers running for public office. For State Representative, Terry Baxter is running for the open seat to represent Hancock and Wright Counties. Terry is the father of our Jonathan Baxter who has been part of the American Eagle production team for a number of years. I’m sure Jon would appreciate all our support for his father in tomorrow’s election!

Both political parties have put forth good candidates for the open seats. As voters, it is critical that we “do our homework” to determine which candidates will benefit us the most as ESOP owners of Stellar Industries, Inc. The Iowa Association of Business and Industry has once again sponsored a web resource that will assist voters in researching the candidate that deserves our vote. The Iowa Prosperity Project provides such a resource at .

Bottom line is it is important for us as American citizens to exercise our right to vote. The State of Iowa has made it very easy for us to exercise this right. Even if you have recently moved and have not yet re-registered to vote in your new precinct, Iowa allows same-day voter registration. This means you can cast a ballot tomorrow even if you haven’t yet registered. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Please get out there and VOTE!