Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor visit Stellar Industries, Inc.

The Gov. and Lt. Gov have made the promise to visit all 99 counties every year they are in office.  They are well beyond visiting 2/3 of the counties this year.

As the Governor entered our reception area, he saw a photo of Francis Zrostlik.  He instantly remembered going to China with Francis and Barb Zrostlik in 1984 and shared some of his fond memories of the trip.

It was an honor to have the Governor and Lt. Governor visit with our people and tour our facility to check out our products.  They even joined us for lunch! Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds thanked us for offering our own weld training program.  They recognize the shortage of skilled labor and were pleased to see our on-the-job-training program.

They announced unemployment has dropped more than 30% in Iowa since they have been in office.  They are determined to add even more jobs in the state of Iowa.