Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  It’s that time of year again where we reflect on how the last 12 months went and what we want to change for the 12 months ahead.  Many a resolution is established and then promptly forgotten in January as we make excuses to ourselves why we can’t begin yet and then slip back into our old habits.  And why do we wait for a new calendar year to begin?  Ok, financial goals based on fiscal tax calendars are understandable, but why wait for personal or business behaviors targeted at self-improvement?  Think about it, anytime is a good time to set on a path of improvement whether it be personally or business related.  So go ahead, set those goals, not just today, but every day that a new goal makes sense to establish.  Let’s say we realize in March, June, September or even in December that our sales pitch is stale and delivered monotonously, then that is a good time to establish a goal to change.  Or how about in April or July we realize our days are chocked full of too many activities and not enough results?  Resolve to change right then and there – lean out your activities to those driving results and perhaps look for new value added activities.

 So again I say, Happy New Year!  Make your resolutions today, tomorrow and any day that it makes sense. You just may find your personal, philanthropic and business lives become more enjoyable and productive if we focus on continual improvements and not just annual goals.