Happy New Year!

Well, it’s 2015 and the start of a brand new year and the age old tradition of New Year Resolutions begin to come into play.  Typically, many of us personally resolve to lose weight, exercise more and spend more time with our family.  Why not the same for our business:

  • Lose weight – Let’s get rid of the “fat” in our business practices and drop that uncomfortable “weight” that is holding us back from better performance.  Internally it could be having meetings that are not productive, involving more people than needed in problem solving, slow moving inventory, archaic business practices to avoid change, and of course, sub-par employees that we keep because we like them or because we want to avoid confrontation.  Externally, we could have suppliers that hold us back but we just haven’t gotten around to replacing them and even customers that are more effort than profits.  The latter is typically when we range too far in establishing our true target market segment which raises the cost of doing business.
  • Exercise more – Let’s keep active and change our business habits to one of focusing on results.  Sitting in front of the TV does little to reduce our waist line and neither does waiting for the phone to ring to close a sale or waiting for someone else to develop ideas and actions to make us more competitive.  Pick up that phone, the car keys or the plane ticket and close those sales and actively become part of the solution and not just one looking for problems for someone else to handle.
  • Spend more time with our family – Let’s spend time engaging with our co-workers, helping each other as needed and seeking help when needed.  And most definitely, spend more time with customers, you know, those people who actually are the reason we come to work each day.  Let’s not think we know what our customer want to buy from us, let’s know what they want.

May we all have a Productive, Safe and Happy 2015!