Hungry for Change

All throughout the campaign season, it was clear that Americans were looking for change. With Bernie Sanders attempting to secure the Democratic Party nomination, and Donald Trump, from the Republican Party, the undertone of both their campaigns was that our country was hungry for change. And change is what we got!

Donald Trump will be our first President that has never previously held an elected office. That alone would seem to signal that things will be different in Washington DC. Trump supported some fairly hard-edged positions on trade, immigration, and other hot issues during his campaign. However, it already appears that some moderation will be used in making the changes voters asked for.

Over the past 8 years, the businesses of a number of Stellar’s customers have been negatively affected by federal regulations. We hope to see some of these damaging regulations overturned or moderated so that these vital industries can once again thrive for their owners and employees.

No matter what is acted upon first, or how it is addressed, the first 12 months of the Trump presidency will definitely be interesting for all.