Keep In Touch.

I just attended a family wedding and I saw friends and family that I haven’t seen for a while, some not since a family funeral a few years ago. Weddings and funerals, joy and sorrow, odd allies, but they do seem to bring people together. Now I ask, how are our customers? Do we only visit or pay attention when there is a pending order or a customer complaint? Both usually gets our attention, but then what? Do we wait again for one or the other? I think we all know that we should stay in contact with our customers on a continuing basis, regardless of pending orders or complaints. The correct frequency varies depending on the customer, their wishes as well as their activity, but definitely not just during a joyful (hopefully) or sorrowful event. Keep in touch, keep them informed and show we care, that is how customer relationships last and stay fresh. And even better, it is how they remember us when that joyful opportunity arises again.