We at Stellar Industries, Inc. have developed a strong reputation as a company that is constantly forging ahead with innovative new products for our customers. Examples of this are the CDTplus™ crane controller system, the T-Max™ series of mechanic service bodies, and our recently introduced chassis specific tire service bodies build around the new Ford Transit. These products are important to us at Stellar as they allow us to continue to grow our company by reaching into new markets and new users for our products. With this success we are enjoying, I get asked “How do you do it?” by people in our industries and in our local communities.

I don’t want to get in trouble for giving away company secrets, but it’s really quite simple. 1) We listen to our customers as they describe their day-to-day challenges , 2) We apply our knowledge, design, and manufacturing expertise to develop a solution to our customer’s dilemmas, and 3) We repeat steps #1 and #2. That may be over simplifying things a bit, but it really is that simple. With the strong team of professionals we have here at Stellar Industries, this is an everyday occurrence for us. The Stellar recipe for success is not as simple as this recipe, but it is definitely a recipe that comes naturally to our experienced staff.