Looking at the Past to See the Future

This last Monday was Columbus Day in the United States; this got me thinking about what Christopher Columbus was thinking before he took his infamous journey 522 years ago.  He and his crew were taking a journey into the relatively unknown, all on the premise of commerce.  They rallied and headed into the sunset with hopes of success, the rest is history.

Companies must be willing to do the same thing, theoretically.  Companies take calculated risks all of the time in the hopes that it will help them grow both in physical size and financial status.  If done correctly, these risks pay off huge.  One case in point is what we have done with our Stellar® Mechanic’s Crane line of products.  Stellar Industries took a risk by stepping into an established market with innovative products with industry first features, at a reasonable cost.  Now, fifteen years after the introduction of this line, we are still the leading innovators.  We recently ventured into uncharted territory within this market and introduced the Stellar® CDTplus™ and E-link control systems.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should venture over to the website and see what they’re all about.  This new technology once again has the competition scrambling to catch up with our state-of-the-art technology and features.

So be willing to take calculated risks, rally your crew and capitalize on positive results.  You can become legendary, and maybe even discover a whole new world out there.