My Wellness. My Way.

I believe we are a product of our choices; that 90% of who we are is a direct result of the choices we make.

Choices – I can choose. I can choose to wake up earlier than normal and get on the treadmill or I can choose to pour a cup of coffee, have a seat on the sofa, watch the morning news and tell myself that’s what I “NEED” to do to wake up in the morning. It’s my choice. I can choose to let bad news affect my day. Now granted, in some instances – there really isn’t any getting around some of those big life altering events, BUT ultimately I can still choose how I react. And in those normal, everyday situations – crabby kids, the day not going according to MY plan, discovering that the car is just about out of gas on one of the coldest days of the blessed year – I can still CHOOSE to see a silver lining. Sometimes it might not be so simple when you are standing next to the gas pump with 40 mile per hour winds and a wind chill of -30 degrees – but somewhere that silver lining is there. I have the money to pay for the fuel; at least the gas is cheaper now than it was a year ago; that cup of coffee will be nice and toasty warm after standing out in this Iowa breeze!

As we kick off our Stellar Wellness Challenge 2015 – Your Way, I find myself faced with choices for today and future tomorrows. Beginning March 1st, I can choose to drink more water, incorporate more activity into my daily life, and eat healthier. I can choose what I want to do, hopefully replacing bad habits with better ones. I can choose what will work for me as we all know that one size does not fit all. This is all on me. It is my responsibility to take control of what I want, how I attain it and how I follow thru. My results at the end of the 5 week challenge just might net me a chance at a cool $100!

Stellar has given me the tools – the Wellness Challenge, the prize incentive, health coaching and even a way to get a new Fitbit – I buy one, turn in my receipt and get reimbursed half up to $50.   It’s up to me to find my motivation. That will be my biggest challenge since I have always chosen to tell myself that I am not a morning person and need that cup of coffee to wake up. It won’t be easy and I’m sure that I won’t always have that warm fuzzy feeling, but it is my health, my wellness and I’m doing it my way.

Every minute of every day we have choices. Life may not always be fair and just, but it is how we respond that makes us who we are. And even if I don’t win that $100, I can still choose to try again next time!