Our People. Our Health.

Friday, June 12th at the Iowa Association of Business and Industry’s Annual Meeting and Conference, Stellar Industries, Inc. was recognized as the first place winner in the Large Employer – Western Division of the state for the Healthiest Employer Award.  This award recognizes organizations that proactively improve the health of their population measuring many components:  Culture & Leadership Commitment, Foundational Components, Strategic Planning, Communications & Marketing, Programming & Interventions and Reporting & Analysis.  The Healthiest Employer Index shows the National Average at 48.74% with Iowa coming in just below average at 45.74%.  Stellar’s index in this reporting came in at 53.46%!  This tells us that our wellness program is working compared with other companies not just in the state, but on a national level.

As an employee owned and self-insured company, the Stellar Industries, Inc. wellness program is in each employee’s best interest.  Since the program’s inception in 2007, our active participation in the Stellar Wellness Program has proven that our individual health matters!  We continue to educate our employees in becoming smarter consumers of Health Care.  By partnering with Hancock County Health System/Workplace Wellness (HCHS), we are able to maximize each participant’s benefits of this program by essentially customizing each participant’s wellness plan to what is best for that individual.  Annual physicals, bloodwork and recommended screenings based on age (colonoscopies/mammograms) in addition to on-site health coaching really tailors our wellness program to each individual, their wants and needs.  The Stellar Wellness Program is employee driven.  Though our program continues to evolve, one thing has stayed constant.  The health and well-being of our employees is the purpose of this program.

Our wellness program is making a difference in the lives of our employees.  Our employees have not only improved their overall Behavioral Risk Scores from July 2013 to January 2015 but overall improvements in HDL and LDL Cholesterol, Fasting Glucose, Triglycerides and Blood Pressure have improved, some dramatically!  21% of our Wellness participants showed an improvement in their total cholesterol levels and a whopping 63% of participants showed an improvement in their triglyceride levels.  An even better indicator of how our wellness program is succeeding is that 8 wellness participants in the High Risk category made healthy lifestyle changes moving them out of High Risk into the Medium Risk category and one participant moved from the Medium Risk category into the Low Risk category.  Overall, 196 participants showed improvement in their numbers.  These numbers are telling us that we are headed in the right direction and helping our employees to make healthy lifestyle changes.

2015 brought us the addition of covered spouses to our wellness program as well as adding a Diabetic Education Program to all covered employees and their dependents diagnosed with diabetes.  As we move forward and our wellness program continues to evolve we are dedicated to look for more ways to improve our program, knowing that it is making a difference in our employees’ lives.  Wellness is a continuous commitment that is constantly changing.  In order for a wellness program to be a success, employee involvement on all levels is imperative.  The challenge is keeping that buzz going – keeping it fun and yet beneficial.  If employees can take ownership of their health and a responsibility for their choices a feeling of excitement and motivation ensues.

As important and personal as wellness is, you would think that it wouldn’t take the back burner as often as it does.  Wellness is not a Band-Aid®.  It takes support, strategy and time from the company and the employee.  With only 24 hours in a day, we are looking to fit as much in as possible.  Isn’t it “more time” that we are all after?  Shouldn’t it be “better time?”  Wellness is a means to enhance that time, to enhance that quality of life.

Our wellness program’s success is because of the dedication of our employees and their commitment to making healthy lifestyle choices, no matter how big or small.  One single step can lead to great things!