Our People. Our Products.

Our People.  Our Products.  These are two powerful defining statements that encompass Stellar Industries and the culture within our company.  Being an employee owned company certainly helps promote an ownership attitude among the Stellar team, but it is more than that.  Stellar also treats all of us as employee owners; involving us, respecting us and expecting us to take the lead in our daily activities to drive value to customers, and thus Stellar.  While continual mistakes are not tolerated, we all realize that mistakes do happen and when they do, everyone involved in the resolution needs to pitch in put that mistake behind us.  The “Blame Game” is not important to Stellar, what is important is fix the mistake appropriately and recognize how to mitigate it from happening again.

As I travel through airports, in evidently, conversations can be over heard on just how frustrated a traveler is with their job and or company and how “management” just does not listen, or this department or that department is worthless or similar complaints that makes it obvious just how unhappy that traveler is in their job.  And when I hear that, I pause and take note of the blessing I have to be working for Stellar Industries; as one colleague puts it, “I have bad moments, but not bad days.”  Any of us that have worked for companies other than Stellar may be able to better appreciate just how our culture is conducive to facilitating a job well done.  Most of us work because we need a pay check, that being said, as long as that is true, I sure am glad it is Stellar Industries, Inc. that is cutting me a weekly check!

We are dedicated to be the preferred supplier of quality hydraulic truck equipment and related accessories and we are committed to meeting our customer’s needs in a positive work environment.  Not just words, but a reality.

Another Year On The Books

Stellar Industries, Inc. just completed another fiscal year. As you may or may not know, we operate on a November 1 to October 31 fiscal year. Last week was very busy closing out one year and getting ready to embark on yet another.  Good news: We closed out our 2012/2013 fiscal year on a very high note!

In the previous blog posting, Stellar’s Human Resources Manager, Leanne Van Oort, explained how important it is to maintain a healthy workplace. The positive effects that have been seen from the Stellar Wellness plan are profound. So much so, in fact, that we were able to show hard savings in what we had budgeted for health care expense and what was actually realized in per employee health care expense over the past couple of years. As a direct result of these savings Stellar returned these savings back to the employees that participated in these programs in the form of a cash rebate. The amount of this payment was in excess of $2000 per qualified participant!   Now that’s one heck of a way to close a year!  With everyone’s continued hard work in managing their wellness and health, It is the intention to continue this program going forward and we hope we can continue to reap the benefits of operating a healthy workplace.  It’s all just part of what makes “Our People” and this place “Stellar!”

How we stay “stellar” with our Wellness Program

The success of any company depends on the productivity and work performance of its people. The ability to function and perform at a high level consistently is greatly aided by Employee Wellness Programs. The introduction of such programs has been successful in that the results are beneficial for both the employee and the company at large. The Stellar Wellness Program’s focus is on the physical well being of employees, looking after medical requirements and ensuring personal health. Participant’s have an on-site Health Coach available to them to discuss wellness topics.  At Stellar, we don’t forget, it’s all about… Our People.  Our Products.

Below are 10 reasons why we believe our program helps Stellar be “stellar”.

10 Reasons for Wellness Programs

#1 Decreased Health Care Costs
#2 Work Place Morale
#3 Reduced Absenteeism
#4 Reduced Overall Costs
#5 Increased Productivity
#6 Increased Responsibility
#7 Increased Company Loyalty
#8 Reduced Sick Leave
#9 Improved Work Performance
#10 Decreased Health Insurance Costs

Product Changes and Improvements

Updates and changes to Stellar® products is a continuous process to meet our customers’ expectations and needs. These changes or improvements are also necessary to stay ahead of our competition.  This tends to be a challenge when installing cranes, hooklifts, compressors, cable hoists, container carriers, and tarping systems. It is highly recommended that prior to installing the product, to take a little extra time to review the installation, hydraulic and electrical pages of the product manual to ensure the installation is done properly. The extra time to review the manual could prevent rework, damage to the product and delivery to the customer. If you are not quite clear on the installation instructions, hydraulic or electrical circuits, please contact the Stellar® Customer Service Department for assistance.

Welcome to StarBlog – Tradeshows and something exciting coming.

Here it is.  The start of the Stellar Blog.  The Star Blog.  We’ve been wanting to get this started for quite some time, and no time is better than now as we are gearing up for CON EXPO/CON AGG 2014!

Before I go into talking about that, I want to just touch on the blog itself.  You won’t always be hearing from me. We are planning to share with you all kinds of things from a variety of different sources, mostly internally, but some externally as well.    We will be sharing customer service and maintenance tips and tricks, new products, product applications, testimonials and thoughts from the field, economic outlook and our thoughts, company info and events and letting you get to know the people that make up Stellar and who make us “stellar”.  We will be posting at least once per month.  Sometimes more, especially during show season where we want to provide lots of information about what is going on at a particular trade show.  So we are encouraging you to become a regular follower to our Star Blog…. Get email updates, add our RSS feed, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Connect with us, give us feedback, make requests about what you want us to talk about on here,  and participate along with us as we build our online presence.  And just to be sure we’re covering all our bases – thoughts, opinions, comments etc. that are posted here in the blog do not necessarily reflect those of Stellar Industries as a company nor are they collective thoughts for the entire employee  base.  The author gets  the credit unless  otherwise noted.

So CON EXPO is sneaking right up on us.  Don’t I know it as the show coordinator!  In fact, we will be in Las Vegas moving into our Gold Lot booth in 156 short days.  I think its safe to say I may be the most nervous and most excited I have been in a while about this upcoming show.  I hope you are all looking forward to it as much as I am, and as much as the rest of our Stellar team is as well because we really have some stuff launching at this show that is going to knock your socks off!  As always, Stellar has gotten field feedback on how to improve our products and make our end users more efficient, more productive, safe and profitable.  We have a whole bunch of new stuff that will be launching in March at the show that is going to rise above current expectations in the marketplace.  Now, we may only be 156 “short” days to move-in, but they are 156 “long” days before the launch, so I can’t reveal too many juicy details JUST yet, but I can tell you that it is Stellar® on steroids, and you will be glad you stopped by the booth to check it out.  As the countdown dwindles, we’ll be sharing a few more tidbits about the launch as we go too.   We kind of feel a bit like Apple® right now in that we have developed something that you don’t know you need yet, but once you have it, you won’t know how you lived without it.

With that little bit of a teaser, I’m going to wrap this inaugural blog post up into a final thought and request.  I enjoy finding quotes that make you stop and think a minute.  So I’ll leave you with one of my favorites that hangs on the wall in my office and helps keep me sane in times of trade show and product launch stress. My Thought for today:  In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on. ~ Robert Frost
and my request for today:  Follow us.