Pirate Talk and Home Base Iowa

Ahoy!  I know today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but I couldn’t come up with enough clever booty to keep me audience from hittin’ the Grog too soon!  So I shall hang up me hornpipe, hook, an’ patch and breech ye another topic, before ye make me walk the plank!  Arrrrr!

Lets switch from Pirates to Veterans.  Have you heard about the Home Base Iowa Act?  It was passed by the Iowa Legislature in a broad bi-partisan manner and signed by Governor Branstad on Memorial Day, May 26, 2014.  The act positions Iowa as the leader in respect, support and employment for veterans.  The state of Iowa wants to say thanks to our veterans who have served our country and welcome them home, even if they have never been here in Iowa before.  The Home Base Iowa Act, a comprehensive package of incentives provides:

·         Military pension exempt from income tax

·         Veterans hiring preference

·         Streamlined occupational licensure for vets, spouses, and dependents

·         Iowa Veteran Housing Programs

·         Iowa Financial Assistance Benefits

·         Iowa Education benefits

·         Free specialty veteran license plates

·         Vietnam conflict bonus

·         Veteran lifetime hunting/fishing license

It’s an honor to assist veterans in any way.  Iowa employers know veterans bring a valued skill set and we have many jobs available.  That is why some individual communities are also working on additional  incentives.  We at Stellar hope to help veterans and transitioning service members get a great job, maybe even a new start…in Iowa.

Learn more at homebaseiowa.org.