Planning For Game Time.

NFL Pre-Season in upon us and fans are getting a feel for how the 2015-16 season may play out.  However, the games don’t really matter and as a fan, I am only partially engaged as I watch, it’s more like background noise while I’m checking e-mails or surfing the web.  The games are played more for the players trying to make the team and the coaches trying to figure out their 53 man roster.   Injuries also happen in these games and the grimace is even worse as we realize it happened during a meaningless game.  I just want the season to start and get to the real games.

This causes me to reflect on our contact with customers and how we manage our activities with them.  How often are we engaging in activity that is more show for ourselves or our own organizations versus trying to add real value to the scarce contact time we have with them.  How often do we injure our relationship in a meaningless contact that could have been better thought out in terms of customer value?  Sure, creative marketing contact to help get customers excited about the actual sales call is wonderful, but that initial sales call is not the pre-season, it is game on and so is every customer contact thereafter.

Plan for activity that is value added for the customer and not just checking off a To-Do list to impress ourselves with metrics.  Remember the adage:  “Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment” –it is new sales, repeat sales and ultimately sales growth that is truly important, and we get there by using our valuable customer time to drive value for them, and therefore, ourselves.