Reflecting, Reveling, and Rewarding

As I sit here contemplating what to Blog about this week, various things run through my head as I reflect on the week that has gone by.

Remembering: First and foremost, is the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attack. That day will be emblazoned forever on the hearts and minds of so many people directly and indirectly effected by it. It seemed like just yesterday that we were sitting in our offices with the radio on trying to wrap our heads around what was happening. Each of us moving about the office building trying to gather information from each other and figure out what was going on.

So I want to take this moment to reflect on all that has happened since that tragic day, to remember those who lost their life, or lost someone important to them. To honor all those that responded to help with the tragedy – and to all who have sacrificed in any way because of that terrible day. May we all continue to use that day to remember the people and the things that are important to us, to breathe a little deeper, smile a little more, and not sweat the small stuff – because really, when it’s put in perspective, it’s all small stuff.

Reveling: Also this week I had the opportunity to travel to Canada to visit one of our loyal tire service customers during their managers meeting, and present to them our recently completed tire service truck training video. The video was well received and praised for its professionalism, which makes me proud of the team I have in place that has a hand in helping Stellar create such great materials to support our products. I also got to mingle first hand with the people that use our products – and that was a real treat. To hear how the customer not only uses our tire service trucks, but to experience first hand the interaction they have with us, from sales, support, customer service, delivery and beyond really was a heart-warming experience. They had nothing but good things to say about us, and it was fun to revel in all the good things they had to say. Stellar has a great group of people working under its roof (or should I say roofs), and each of us, as employee owners, should be very proud of the work we do and the products we produce and support. Our quality workmanship, and our outstanding personality as an organization is recognized and praised.

Rewarding: And my final thought for the week is to publicly celebrate a recent company achievement. Over the last several years, Stellar and all its companies have put great efforts into being safety mindful in all we do. From proper ergonomics sitting at your desk, to stretching several times a day, wearing proper PPE, and being mindful of the jobs we do and our surroundings at all times, no matter what our position is within the company. This week we all were rewarded financially for our efforts. Our worker compensation claims were less than what we budgeted, and therefore, were returned to us as a safety bonus. What a nice little incentive to remind us all to stay at the top of our game. Be watching the local media for news coverage about this bonus so you can learn more about one of the awesome benefits to working here.

Reading back over the three different topics I touched on today makes me wonder if there is something within each paragraph that can tie them all together. One thing that seems to jump out at me is just the simple fact that I work at a pretty cool place. I have amazing and talented co-workers who not only do amazing work and work well together – but who are also like a second family to me. Amazing people making amazing products – this week I was reminded of that.