Reflection on Waste Expo

Stellar Industries just got done with one of the many trade shows we attend, Waste Expo. It was an excellent time to get together with current customers and to meet new prospective customers. It was also the time where we put our best products out there for everyone to see. This year we launched a new model of Hooklift, the Slider50.

We were able to come to the market with a new model that will handle a large range of container lengths, containers from 16′-­‐20′. The Slider50 is also lighter than comparable Hooklift hoists on the market, but is 20% faster than our other Hooklift models. The light weight and faster speed are fantastic benefits for our customers, they are able to haul more material and get it done faster. This equates to more revenue for our customers.

We had a lot of interest in the new model, and we even had a customer come to our booth to see what he has on order. As we worked our way around the show truck and explained the features and benefits, we could tell he is excited about using his new Stellar Hooklift. This is just a sign of things to come, as we work forward with this new model as well as our existing models, our customer base will grow and Stellar will keep being a leader in the market place.