Setting Yourself Apart

Early this week I had the opportunity to sit in on a seminar lead by Marcus Sheridan. Marcus is a fantastic speaker with some exciting philosophies. One of the biggest ideas that I took away from the seminar is how to set oneself apart from the competition. His philosophy is that in order to set yourself apart from the competition, you first have to get close to them. I invite you to use the search engine of your choice to read into him and his philosophies or visit him at

Marcus noticed that the questions that his prospective customers were frequently asking didn’t have conveniently found answers. So he started answering the questions. What he found was that as a part of answering these questions it was putting his company in a direct, side-by-side comparison to his competitors. It is sometime difficult to put yourself in this position, because sometimes your competitors have a better widget here and a better option there – and that isn’t always something you’re comfortable putting out there for all to see.

However, Marcus’ strategy proved to work well for his business, as he now publicly speaks about this and other philosophies. By being honest with the people that were interested in his product, he was able to bring them to his company, build their trust in him, which let to them buying his product.

What I learned was that we should be willing to honestly put ourselves up against our competitors, and to accept what we are not doing as well as them and address that with the ones asking the questions. In being honest and forthright we will learn more about ourselves and what others expect from us, we will build trust, and deliver a delightful customer experience.