Spring is in the Air!

Take a deep breath of that fresh air. Spring is here at Stellar! Just as the grass starts to turn green, the trees bud and the tulips peek out of the ground, so is the new beginning of a fresh selling season that is full of opportunities and new products.
Last week we returned from the National Truck Equipment Association Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana where we had an opportunity to meet with our distribution and kick off the 2015 spring selling season. We introduced a new line of hydraulic cranes called the TC Series. These cranes offer a combination of compact European design with an American approach to sensible crane control. We saw a need in the American marketplace for a telescopic crane that offers versatile mounting options, and we are meeting that need with the TC Series.
This style of crane is a tall mast telescopic crane commonly referred to as a “T-Boom” crane. This design offers ultimate compactness to take up minimal bed space, yet some models offers up to 18.6 feet of hydraulic reach to maximize the load radius of the larger models.
While this style of crane has historically operated with a manual control valve requiring the operator to be near or under a suspended load, Stellar has stepped it up a notch and incorporated the use of its proprietary Stellar® CDT™ crane control system which operates with a handheld proportional radio remote transmitter. This allows the operators to position themselves in a safe and ideal location around the load and work area to be most effective and efficient. In addition to the remote operation, another new feature to this line is the operator feedback system that our Stellar CDT system offers. The Stellar CDT crane control system alerts the operator of the percentage of load the crane is currently lifting using a series of lights and vibrating pulses in the handled unit.
The introduction of these cranes was a bit of a surprise to our distribution, however it was a very pleasant surprise. Everyone was very receptive to this new offering and is anxious to take it to the marketplace and start placing orders.
The excitement of Spring is in the air… here and throughout our distribution. We are looking forward to all that this wonderful season has in store for us.