Stellar Wellness & Live Healthy Iowa 10 Week Wellness Challenge


We’ve discussed our participation in the Live Healthy Iowa 10 Week Wellness Challenge in a previous blog.  The LHI 10 Week Wellness Challenge is a great fit for our Stellar Wellness program, encouraging employees to focus on Our People. Our Health.

We have seen friendly challenges among teams, encouraging motivation and thoughtful ideas on how to just keep moving by team members.  We’ve earned electronic badges by recording our data each week, received awesome tips, news and recipes.  While all of this is important, the underlying reason for joining this challenge is to get moving – get active.  By kicking off the challenge at the end of January, we will hopefully carry this motivation and mindset throughout the rest of 2014!  It takes a conscious effort to stay on track, not growing complacent in our goals.  This applies to EVERYTHING in life, from work to home, hobbies and everyday life.  By setting your goals and keeping them in the forefront of you daily life, it will not only help you stay on track, but help you reach that goal quicker.  How many of us thought that 10 weeks was going to last forever?  We are now only a week away from the end of this challenge!  What will be our next goal?

Heading into our final week, Stellar Red, White & Blue have logged an astounding 44,124 minutes of intentional physical activity – that’s just over 735 hours!  It’s amazing how quickly this time has added up and the weeks have flown by!  This challenge is an incredible way to encourage each other to get active.  Way to go, Stellar Red, White & Blue!