The Spirit of Self-Starting

From a young age, I’ve always enjoyed selling things in a creative way, especially if it wasn’t something my friends or classmates were doing or haven’t thought of doing. It’s an exciting thing even on the small-scale end of business that I have been on. Before high school, it was nothing more than trying to sell key chains I made at an age I can’t even remember. After being discouraged due to the lack of success there I didn’t do much of selling for a while.

I started making t-shirts in middle school for different groups around school, from sports, to student government, to anything that wanted a t-shirt. This continued through high school and I was fortunate enough to become the guy people would come to if they wanted a shirt designed and printed, but it took until my junior year to see this as a business venture. I still designed for the school sponsored activities free of charge when asked, but I sold to groups that didn’t have anyone to make shirts for them that I thought would buy shirts if given the opportunity, such as the student section at basketball ball games. I did this for my last two years of high school, which was exciting, but the real excitement didn’t come until I started selling online. I would get excited just seeing that five more people had viewed it, let alone bought it. Today on what I have uploaded I have nearly 8,000 views and nearly 100 sales, which I feel is a good start. Designing t-shirts is nothing more than a hobby so the fact that I can get paid to do it is incredibly exciting.

Even more exciting, however, is knowing that I took the initiative to think about what people want, made a product that I thought fit that criteria and people bought it. This is a big reason why I enjoy working at Stellar. Through my internship I was able to spend a lot of time with many different departments, and this is exactly how Stellar came to be and how it is run today. This may be a quality that many companies possess, but it has never been so evident to me than with my time with Stellar. Both through that internship and in my industrial engineering class I’m currently enrolled in, the importance of knowing what the customer will need before the customer even does and filling that void has been highly stressed and I completely agree. My enjoyment in this way of thinking also was a big part of way I went to Iowa State to pursue engineering.