Upcoming Company Picnic

This weekend we’re hosting our annual company picnic at the Hancock County Fair in Britt, where employees will be served some tasty grilled picnic fare and will be receiving wristbands and various other freebies to get the most out of what the Hancock County Fair has to offer. Hosting our company picnic at the fair falls in line with our company core values of treating all employees with dignity and respect, working together to exceed customer expectations, and committing ourselves to being valued members of our communities.

Taking care of our employees is a top priority at Stellar Industries. It’s the least we can do for our employees that make our product. If it weren’t for our stellar employees we wouldn’t be a stellar company. This is just one of the many times throughout the year that we take a few minutes to thank each and every one of them with a chance to relax, mingle, eat well and have fun. And if you happen to visit the fair this weekend, be on the lookout for all our employees who will be sporting new gray polo shirts. Pay particular attention to the logo area, as each shirt proudly declares the wearer as an Owner. We are proud to be an ESOP company, and we want our employees to be proud that they are an employee owner as well.

Another top priority at Stellar Industries is committing to being valued members of our surrounding communities. We support all our area communities in various ways throughout the year, and taking this excellent opportunity to be involved with and by supporting the Hancock County Fair gives us the chance to educate the community members on the product we manufacture. We will have a small display of tire trucks, mechanics trucks and maybe even a hooklift parked throughout the fairgrounds this weekend for our friends in the community to get an up close look.

We look forward to seeing our employees at the picnic for a fun day of relaxation, carnival rides and some destruction derby action that evening. We hope you join us in the stands too, and get your hands held up high – you just never know when that T-Shirt Canon will make an appearance! Maybe you can catch yourself a 25th Anniversary T-Shirt! We hope you have a fun and safe time at the fair this year!

Learn more about the Hancock County Fair activities at http://www.hancockcountyfair.com/