What Work Trucks are Built Around

American Eagle and Stellar Industries are dedicated to providing our customers with solutions to help them work smarter and more efficiently. A big part of this is the offerings we have through our facilities at American Eagle. American Eagle offers a large array of compressors, drawer systems, and other storage solutions. Just to give you an idea of the dedication, we currently have well over 5,000 different drawer set offerings and will not hesitate to build what you require. We even offer drawer sets in an aluminum, lighter duty drawer system.

In addition to the large amount of drawer systems, we even offer a large selection of compressors. We have four models of single stage, four models of two stage, three models of rotary screw, and a large offering of gas or diesel engine driven compressors. The engine driven compressors are either two stage or rotary screw. Depending on your air needs, we offer a compressor that will work reliably for many years.

So, please give us a call and let’s talk about what your needs are and what we can do to fulfill them. We can probably get you the solution that you need to be more productive at a cost effective price.