Why We Go Above and Beyond

Being a part of Stellar Industries, Inc. is knowing our customer base.  We have a very broad product offering that is spread throughout the globe.  Our team members in Customer Service can attest to this.  They may talk through an issue with a customer in South Carolina at eight o’clock in the morning, sell a service kit to a customer on Alaska’s North Slope in the afternoon, and address an installation procedure with a distributor in Australia before days end. It’s exciting to see the presence that Stellar has taken in the global market in recent years.

Having a global presence is a wonderful way of showing the world the values that we have at Stellar.  Our customers know that when they buy a Stellar product, they are getting personal attention with it.  They know that we will always treat them with fairness, listen to them, and do our best to help whenever we can.  This rare element is something our customers appreciate, our sales team promotes as a benefit,  and our service team prides themselves on and strives to implement with each customer contact.  Being a benchmark company with a personal touch is what is going to keep us growing.  Every facet of Stellar shows this personal touch.  Our customers love coming to Stellar and visiting with everyone involved with their product, they love to hear the stories of Stellar that we share with them.  The growth of Stellar Industries is directly related to the friendliness and personal touch that comes with every Stellar product, at no additional charge. Our tagline… Our PEOPLE. Our Products.