Why We Implmented a No-Talk Session

A few months ago we implemented a no-talk session for Thursday afternoons in the marketing department. We heard Jason Fried of 37 Signals talk about the importance of not being distracted and disconnecting to get your best work accomplished, so we figured we’d give it a shot. We did this for a couple of reasons; 1.) to increase productivity and 2.) to disconnect. In the marketing department we find that there are many times that we start working on a project and then get distracted by the little things, that eventually throw us off on a pattern or a certain mindset, dependent of the project we’re currently working on.

Increase productivity and disconnecting – We found that when working on a project, especially a creative project that requires design, we needed to be 100% focused and not be distracted by a phone call, IM message or text message, we would need to absolutely disconnect. Once we’re disconnected, we found that good quality work was able to get done, efficiently too.