Working Remotely

Working remotely at Stellar while attending college at Iowa State University definitely comes with challenges, but I feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to do so. One of the challenges that comes with my situation is time management, especially when I have a heavy workload of homework or studying for several exams. Of course schoolwork takes priority, but I still hold myself responsible to finish projects for Stellar. I have a large break in between classes that is very nice to use to work on Stellar projects, if there is one for me to work on. It is a nice break from my normal schoolwork, not because I don’t work just as hard at it, but because it is usually much more enjoyable than calculus, chemistry or anything similar. Another obvious challenge is communication, but so far that has been overcome through clear and concise directions through the use of email, and over the phone.

A main reason why I have enjoyed my time with Stellar is that I have gained real life experience and now have a good idea of what I need to be working on and becoming better at while at Iowa State. Recently in class we have been going over various functions of Microsoft Excel and some basic coding, and I feel well ahead of the game just from the time I have spent at Stellar from my internship and working remotely. I look forward to gaining even more experience from future projects and whatever comes my way. Go Cyclones!