100 years of Expertise, 3 men, 1 company – Tire Service at its Best 

Stellar’s Tires Sales Team offers a combined 100 years of industry expertise in the Tire Service Field  

Stellar Industries is proud to be a homegrown company based in Garner, Iowa. With a long history of product excellence, it’s easy to see why they have grown to be leaders in the many industries they serve over the past 30 years. One of these industries is Tire Service Trucks and Cranes.  

When making any large purchase, like a Tire Service Truck, knowing you can rely on the product to deliver is very important. While a product’s qualitybrand, and reputation are key in the decision making, relying on experts to give you the honest run down of your purchase can be even more valuable.  

Stellar is proud to offer customers not only quality products but a sales team of three men that combined offer 100 years of hands on experience and expertise in the tire service industry: 


Tom Formanek 

Tom FormanekEastern US & Canada Regional Sales Manager at Stellar Industries, has been with Stellar for 28 years. Before Stellar, Tom worked with Collins Equipment for 6 years as Tire Salesman and Manager. Over his years in the industry, Tom has been heavily involved with the Tire Industry Association, holding many positions on the board, including, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, and President. Over the years he has built many close relationships, both professionally and personally, which he said is one of the things that make the tire industry so unique.  

He is proud to be part of Stellar and the growth and respect they have gained over the years within the industry 

Stellar is regarded as the innovator in regard to our Tire Service products,” said Tom. “We are always finding better, faster and most of all safer ways for our customers to perform tire changing.”  

While Tom still has many years left in his career, looking to the future is something one can’t hurt to do and passing on advice to future generations within the industry is just one of the ways the Tire world continues to be such a close-knit community.  

Get as much training and hands on experience as you can, always be honest and forthcoming as you only get one reputation,” he said. “The Tire industry is not an easy industry, but it is a rewarding one, you get out of it what you put into it. 


Travis Glidden  

Travis Glidden, Regional Sales Manager at Stellar Industries, has been with the company for 28 years. Prior to that, he worked at Collins Equipment from 1986 until 1993, when they were purchased by Stellar Industries.  

Travis has traveled from coast to coast and from Canadas Arctic Circle to the sweltering heat of South America to sell Tire Service Trucks. Over the years he has been involved with the Northwest Tire Dealers Association, North Central Tire Dealers Association, and the Tire Industry Association (TIA)where he is currently nominated for a position on the Board of Directors. 

For the past 5 years, Travis has also spearheaded Stellar’s partnership with TIA to host tire safety training classes in Garner. At last count, Stellar has hosted 200 tire technicians from 38 states and 5 different countries for these classes.  In addition to assisting TIA’s director of safety, Matt White, with the classes in Garner, Travis has also assisted in Idaho, Oregon, Florida, Alberta, and British Columbia.   

“I would like to see TIA training classes become an industry standard and a requirement for all tire service technicians,” said Travis. “Working with independent tire dealers who are servicing commercial truck, farm/ag and all sizes of OTR tires has given me understanding of the industry and its challenges, including safety considerations and lack of formal training.” 

His many years of involvement with TIAhis relationships with those involved in the industry, and his experiences are a big part of what makes Travis who he is today and one of the many reasons he loves the industry. 

My most rewarding experience during 34 years of being in the tire industry are the friendships I have made with customers and other industry colleagues from all across the globe.” he said. 


Troy Collins  

Troy Collins, Central Regional Sales Manager at Stellar Industries has been with Stellar for 24 years. Prior to that he spent 7 years at Iowa Mold Tooling and 3 years with Collins Equipment. 

I’ve sold tire trucks all over the United States,” he said. “The majority of my sales have been from Michigan down to Texas and from Kansas east to West Virginia. Sixteen states in all!” 

Troy also participates in many associations such as the Illinois/Indiana Tire Association, Mid-America Tire Dealers Association, Missouri Tire Dealers Association, Arkansas Tire Dealers Association, Ohio Tire Dealers Association, and Texas Tire dealers Association. 

In addition to the hand-on experience Troy has had, he ialso a second-generation Tire Service Truck Salesman. His father, John Collins, was in the Tire industry for 50 plus years and was inducted into the “Tire Industry” Hall of Fame in 2009.  

Though he’s had a variety of experiences, his pride and trust in Stellar is always shining through.  

Tire service trucks are a unique custom package that can’t be purchased just anywhere,” he said. There is only one place in the world that you can get a superior designed product at a great value, and that is at Stellar Industries! 


With this type of team, it’s clear customers can’t go wrong when purchasing their next tire service truck from Stellar. With product quality, continuing innovation, and industry expertise, they’re proud to partner with customers to get the job done.  


To learn more about Stellar Industries and their full line of Tire Service Bodies and Cranes visit them online: www.stellarindustries.com /tireservice/