AFM Series Cable Hoist Trucks

Hoist heavier loads. Stellar® Roll-Off Cable Hoist Trucks are lightweight yet powerful, with capacities up to 75,000 pounds. Ideal for low-clearance applications, there’s a range of AFM Series Cable Hoist Truck models to meet your exact needs.

Roll-Off Truck Hoist

Stellar AFM Series Cable Hoist Trucks combine power and efficiency. The above-frame mounting allows for a clean frame installation, so the system is compatible with alternative fuel tanks (CNG, LNG), auxiliary axle installation, battery boxes, air dryers, larger traditional fuel tanks or other components occupying the space between the chassis cab and the rear tandem axles.

Featuring improved unit weight for increased payload, these roll-off trucks are built with piston pumps, zinc-plated pins, superior cable routing and more for reliable operation. No wonder Stellar Roll-Off Trucks are among the most popular in North America.

Hoist Systems Are Versatile Performers

For loading and unloading a wide range of containers and dumpsters, Stellar Roll-Off Trucks have you covered. You can handle bodies of nearly any length, and the powerful cable hoist system is built to take on heavy loads.

Stellar Cable Hoists also offer a low angle for loading and unloading, so they’re an excellent choice for jobs with limited clearance, such as placing containers below overhead obstructions or into an enclosed structure.

Built To Last

A roll-off cable hoist truck needs to be able to handle the demands of daily duty, so Stellar builds every AFM Series Cable Hoist Truck to exacting standards. Along with top-quality materials and precision assembly, Stellar Roll-Off Truck Hoists include key features that help ensure long-term performance:

  • Reeving Cylinder Enclosure to reduce exposure from damaging debris.
  • Dump Cylinder Mounting above and outside of the frame rails for easier access and stability during dumping.
  • Protective Coating featuring two-part polyurethane automotive finish paint for added protection against scratches and debris.
  • Easy Maintenance thanks to greaseless bushings with zerks at all pivot points.

There’s An AFM Series Cable Hoist Truck Just Right For You

All models handle a wide range of applications.

AFM60 Cable Hoist Truck


Capacity up to 60,000 lbs

AFM75 Cable Hoist Truck


Capacity up to 75,000 lbs

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