Adjustable Bumper Pull Combine Head Trailers

Get the freedom to adjust your trailer for different combine head types with Stellar® Adjustable Bumper Pull Combine Head Trailers. The adjustable top bar makes it simple to accommodate variations with height and offset adjustments, so you can get your combine head to the field quickly and reliably. test

Transport Your Combine Head

Available in 36′, 41′ and 47′ lengths to meet a range of combine head transport needs, Stellar Adjustable Bumper Pull Combine Head Trailers can travel at highway speeds. You’ll raise harvest-time productivity by getting to the field faster.

Formerly known as Stomper Stud® Combine Head Trailers from MD Products & Solutions, these smooth-running trailers feature a coil spring-and-shock front suspension and torsion rear axles to reduce vibration on rough roads and gravel drives. Other safety features on these transport trailers include ratcheting tiedowns, LED rear tail lights and an available DOT-compliance package with side marker lights, license plate holder, license plate light, 3-light bar, modified safety chain, full conspicuity tape, rear fenders and a spare tire with carrier. Fast, reliable transport of today’s heaviest combine headers has never been easier.

Flexible Transport

With Stellar Adjustable Bumper Pull Combine Head Trailers, you aren’t limited to a single size or forced to buy different trailers for different combine head types. You can move the axles side to side and front to back, adjust the top rail up or down, and adjust the saddle to accommodate a range of combine head types with a single trailer. It’s also easy to secure your combine head, because each combine header transport trailer includes safety chains and ratcheting tiedowns.

Plus, Stellar Adjustable Bumper Pull Combine Head Trailers are built with top-quality components, precision assembly and a high-gloss powder-coat paint for long-term reliability and heavy-duty use. For a productive combine header trailer that keeps you productive in the field, too, count on Stellar.


Adjustable Bumper Pull Combine Head Trailer Choices

Meet your combine head transport needs with trailer lengths up 47′.


36' length

A41 Combine Head Trailer


41' length

Image coming soon


47' length

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