Service Truck Toolbox Systems

Stellar offers a selection of service truck tool box systems that are durably designed to work as hard as you do.

Service Truck Tool Storage

Stellar offers hardworking toolboxes for hardworking trucks. Stellar’s full line of custom-made service truck tool storage systems (formerly American Eagle branded) are the most rugged and dependable products available in the North American market today. Like our trucks, these toolbox systems are built to the highest industry standards to maximize your productivity. A variety of custom sizes and configurations is available to meet your specific needs.

Stellar’s Service Truck Tool Box Systems are made incredibly tough to withstand abuse on the most demanding jobsites, day in and day out. Heavy-duty, 500-lb slide sets are used across the entire size range of drawers to ensure a solid, durable platform to carry your tools and components. New toolbox systems feature the industry’s first-ever bale-style pull handle. The unique dual-action handle lets you activate the latches from either above or below for a more ergonomic and user-friendly experience. From easy-to-use handles to a range of configurations, Stellar’s Service Truck Tool Boxes have you covered for whatever your workday throws your way.

Pull Handle Tool Box

We Stand Behind Our Products

Stellar is so confident in the strength and quality of our custom-made service truck tool storage units that we offer a full lifetime warranty on the slides and hardware. If you break them, we fix them. It’s just that simple.

Toolbox Systems

Check out the individual toolbox systems for detailed information.

Heavy-Duty Tool System (Yellow)


500-lb capacity per drawer

Steel Aluminum
Light-Duty Drawer System


250-lb capacity per drawer

Bolt Bins

Bolt Bins

Convenient storage for nuts, bolts, fittings and more

Steel Aluminum

Work Truck Tool Box Features

  • All drawer widths in the service truck tool box product line utilize our unique key-locking, bale-style pull handle. These handles make it easy to open the latch from above or below for one-handed operation, and they conceal the latch mechanism for heavy-duty protection and an attractive appearance.
  • All the drawer fronts on the assemblies are given a standard blue powder-coat finish.
  • The metal edges of the drawers, along with the top shelf, are hemmed for added strength and safety.
  • The side panels have a standard 2.5″ riser built into them with mounting slots pre-punched.
  • The top shelf is included with all drawer units and is designed to telescope out 5.5″ on each side of the drawer set. In most installations, this will provide a full shelf in the body compartment and give solid reinforcement.
  • The individual drawer slides are easily removed from the set, providing a unique feature that will assist your installation. This feature may also be convenient if you need to move items closer to the job or retrieve a lost tool.
  • Each drawer in the set is provided with front-to-back dividers and are punched on 2″ centers for divider installation.
  • Drawer system sizes and configurations are custom-made to your specifications. Each drawer set is engineered to fit your truck’s compartment and configured with the drawer sizes that will work best for you.

Superior Materials

The strength of steel cannot be denied, and nothing can really surpass steel when working in the harshest conditions. But, as customers are trying to find any way they can to lighten up their work trucks and increase their payload, reducing the weight of their service truck accessories, such as the cabinets and drawer systems, is one way Stellar helps them achieve that goal. Stellar has taken all the well-known features of our heavy-duty steel line of work truck tool boxes and put them into aluminum systems for a virtually indestructible yet lightweight system that will meet these demands.

Stellar offers a choice of material options for our work truck tool box systems:

Heavy-duty toolbox systems are available in:

  • Heavy-duty steel — 500-lb capacity per drawer
  • Heavy-duty aluminum — 30% lighter than heavy-duty steel; 500-lb capacity per drawer

Light-duty toolbox systems are available in:

  • Lightweight aluminum — 50% lighter than heavy-duty steel; 250-lb capacity per drawer

Optimize your Service vehicle

Because different people use service vehicles in different ways, Stellar makes it easy to outfit yours with a wide range of accessories.

First-Class Options

Stellar offers a wide variety of accessories and options for your truck storage drawer sets, so you can configure the perfect drawer system to fit your work needs.

Toolbox Lightbar
Drawer light bar: Provides light into open drawers where compartment lights can’t reach; bright, long-lasting LED lights are excellent for dark working conditions; retrofits most existing drawer systems; three kits to choose from

Egg-Crate Dividers / Removable Drawers
Egg-crate dividers: Install in any configuration to meet your needs; great for storing fasteners, fittings, parts and tools; additional kits may be needed to accommodate your customization; contact your local distributor to order additional kits

Non-Slip Drawer Liner
Non-slip drawer liner: Protection for valuable tools and helps keep them in place for organization (standard on all aluminum systems)

Oil Filter / Drain Drawer
Oil filter/drain drawer: Includes an integrated drain valve on the bottom of the drawer

Customer Drawer Colors
Custom colors: Match the color scheme of your service truck

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