1004 Tire Service Truck

The Stellar® 1004 Tire Service Truck is a fuel-efficient service body for metro, road and light truck fleet tire service. The automotive styling makes the Stellar 1004 a unique and attractive package to represent your company’s image.

Built to mount on a Ford Transit and RAM ProMaster van chassis, the Stellar 1004 features aluminum and fiberglass construction to maintain a strong yet lightweight construction. The aluminum frame and floors are formed and welded, and the fiberglass shell is impregnated with gelcoat to match the standard white chassis to provide a long-lasting, durable finish.

The 1004 body comes equipped with large front compartments and drop-down doors for maximum tool storage and unrestricted access. The longer horizontal compartments are ideal for air reels and a fuel hose for road service applications.

The Stellar 1004 can be mounted on a van chassis with 82″ – 83″ CA. The body is 10′ long and features a 49.5″ wide load bed and 12.8″ deep side packs. The load bed floor and walls are made of durable, lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum.

Service Body Features:

  • 10′ long body
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • FRP composite exterior
  • Solid gelcoat impregnated into FRP to provide a long-lasting and durable finish
  • Durable aluminum floor, wall and understructure
  • 4 tool compartments
  • All tool compartments feature black, powder-coated, compression-style T-handles with tamper-resistant locking mechanism


The 1004 Series features your choice of the 13 hp or 20 hp gas-powered, two-stage industrial air compressor or the 46P two-stage piston hydraulic air compressor.

Optional Equipment:

  • 1,300-lb electric-hydraulic liftgate
  • Hydraulic-driven air compressor
  • Engine-driven air compressor
  • Air compressor/12V jump start unit
  • Air hose reels
  • Filter/lubricator/regulator (FLR)
  • Fuel caddy
  • Tire inflation cage
  • Safety cones

Liftgate Features:

  • Electric-hydraulic liftgate with 1,300-lb capacity
  • Side loading rail and tire stop
  • Hydraulic lift cylinder
  • 54″ loading platform raises on an arc to prevent bumping of the rear body

We offer two jumpstart equipment packages for the commercial road service and truck stop markets.

Jumpstart System #1:

  • 13 hp gas-driven air compressor 23 cfm @ 175 psi
  • Portable Start All Jump Pack for 12V to 24V jumpstarting
  • 30-gallon diesel refueling system with 12V pump with meter and 50′ hose reel with nozzle

Jumpstart System #2:

  • 30-gallon diesel refueling system with 12-volt pump with meter and 50′ hose reel with nozzle
  • Cap Start 3000A with air
    • 3,000-amp jumpstart
    • 4 cfm max 175 psi air compressor powered by a 19 hp gas engine

Other Equipment:

  • 1,300-lb electric-hydraulic liftgate
  • 3/8″ and 1/2″ hose reels
  • Air filter, lube and regulator system
  • Tire inflation cage
  • Emergency road service strobe lighting
  • 12V LED compartment and work lights