Lower downtime and raise productivity. With Stellar® Fuel Trailers and Lube Trailers, you don’t need to lose time taking equipment back to the shop for refueling and lube needs. Handle it all onsite and get your equipment back on the job.


Whether you’re farming, operating a mine or construction site, providing rental equipment or involved in any job with equipment in the field, you need your equipment operating as much as possible. When you have to pull equipment from the site for refueling, lube services and preventive maintenance, profits and schedules can take a hit.

Instead, keep equipment on the job by performing these services onsite with Stellar FuelMate® Fuel Trailers and LubeMate® Lube Trailers. You’ll minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Economical & Reliable

Stellar Diesel Fuel Trailers and Lube Trailers are far more cost-efficient than using a dedicated fuel truck or lube truck. You can leave your trailer at the worksite and use your truck for other needs. You can take advantage of the DOT-compliant wiring and easy-to-use hitches for fast hookup to different vehicles. You can use the highway-speed capabilities to cover the needs of several jobsites or fields in a day. The list of money-saving conveniences goes on and on.

Above all, you’ll gain productivity by keeping your equipment at the jobsite rather than hauling it back to the shop for refueling, an oil change or lubrication. Time saved is money earned.

Fuel Trailers

Stellar FuelMate Diesel Fuel Trailers are equally at home on the highway or in the most rugged off-road conditions:

  • Fuel tanks are independently mounted on the frame with spring-loaded bolts for vibration control, and independent mounting also provides easy access for repairs.
  • A tub baffle system allows for both front-to-back and side-to-side flow control with 30 percent of the fuel contained in the center tub.
  • Tubed framing, bottom horizontal supports and corner bracing provide more structural strength and stability than a standard “C” channel frame.
  • Walking axles distribute weight evenly across both axles.

In addition, the special tank-isolation design of Multi-Tank Fuel Trailers lets you haul diesel fuel without the need for CDL hazmat certification, making it easier to find drivers. Whether a 500-gallon fuel trailer meets your needs or you need to step up to as much as 990 gallons, Stellar has you covered with a complete lineup:

  • Economy Fuel Trailers
  • Deluxe Fuel Trailers
  • Multi-Tank Fuel Trailers

Lube Trailers

High-quality Stellar LubeMate Lube Trailers give you everything needed for onsite lube services. You can select an arrangement of tanks for new oil, salvage oil, grease and more, plus you’ll have plenty of storage space for tools and other needs.

Stellar Open Mobile Lube Trailers open design allows fast access to all equipment, hose reels and supplies, making lube services quick and productive when moving from site to site.

Stellar Enclosed Mobile Lube Trailers house everything inside, protecting equipment, hose reels, fluids and materials from dirt and weather. The lockable enclosure also adds security. These lube trailers are a great choice for regions with harsh climates, worksites that generate a lot of dust, and sites where the trailer will be parked for long-term use.

For both styles, you can optimize your lube trailer by adding new oil and salvage oil tanks of different sizes, tanks for antifreeze, different reel systems and lengths, an air compressor, a power unit — the list of possibilities goes on and on.

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