Our History

Over the decades, Stellar has not only grown into an industry leader, but has become more than the founders ever imagined was possible.

Looking back while moving forward

Stellar was founded in 1990 by three ambitious entrepreneurs: Francis Zrostlik, Jim Vlaanderen and Gary Bomstad. Stellar began as the first U.S. corporation to design and manufacture a domestic hydraulic hooklift hoist. Since its inception, Stellar has added the design and manufacturing of numerous products for an ever-expanding lineup of market-leading equipment.

Stellar is now in its second generation of leadership with more than 800 employees. While it is no longer as small as it once was, the employee-owned, community-focused company is proud to hold the same small-town values with which it began. What Stellar has achieved is possible thanks to many individuals and their hard work, dedication and accomplishments.

Explore More

Stellar Launches Industry-First Cordless Drill Pump for Popular Self-Loading Single-Reel Cable Trailers

September 26, 2023

Stellar introduces a cordless drill pump option to save self-loading cable reel trailer customers time over traditional hand pumping.

Stellar Introduces Innovative LM220M Poly Lube Skid for Enhanced Contamination Control and Efficiency

September 26, 2023

Stellar unleashes innovation in lubrication. Introducing the Stellar® 220 Poly Lube Skid, offering enhanced contamination control, reduced leak points and effortless ability to be lifted by a crane.

Stellar Unveils Industry-First Bale-Style Pull-Handle Toolbox System

September 26, 2023

Introducing Stellar's new bale-style pull-handle toolbox system. This game-changing innovation is designed for ultimate convenience and versatility and features a unique dual-action handle for effortless gripping from above or below.

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