Ag Tire Service Trucks

Known for their strength, agility and dependability, Stellar® Ag Tire Service Trucks with a 400-gallon ballast pumping system help you meet heavy-duty demands in the growing agricultural industry.

Handle & Service Large Ag Tires with Ease

Today’s farming and agricultural machinery is becoming increasingly larger and more powerful than ever before. That means the tires on that equipment are getting taller, wider and heavier in order to carry hefty loads on muddy, uneven fields without increasing soil compaction. For service technicians needing to lift, maneuver, repair and replace those massive tires, having the right equipment to handle and service the tires can make all the difference in your daily productivity.

Whether you’re dealing with tires on tractors, combines, sprayers, skid-steer loaders or any other kind of farming equipment, a rugged and robust Stellar Ag Tire Service Truck, equipped with a tire-handling crane or tire manipulator, can help you conquer any challenge in the rapidly changing agricultural industry.

At Stellar, we never get tired of helping you get the job done. That’s why we use state-of-the-art materials and sophisticated designs to produce the most modern farm tire service trucks available in the North American market today. And unlike our competitors who simply take a tire truck and put a tank in the back, Stellar builds a true ag tire service truck designed with the user in mind.

Ag Crane and Tire Manipulator: Outperform Heavy Loads

Stellar’s Farm Tire Service Trucks can be equipped with either a model 3200, 4500, 6000 or 9000 tire service crane or TM4110/9000 tire manipulator. With impressive lifting capacity and smooth and steady maneuverability, these cranes are built to handle the largest of farm tires and smaller sized OTR tires, and they are operated by a standard fully proportional radio remote control. The performance of the TM4110/9000 Ag Tire Truck can be enhanced by the addition of a Stellar Tire Manipulator, which helps you securely grip and hold heavy tires and wheels.

Stellar’s Hydraulic Knuckle Boom Cranes boost efficiency by making your job faster and easier. The swift and agile movement of the knuckle boom allows for precise placement of tires onto the truck body. What’s more, an extra set of hands won’t be needed to help guide the tires to a certain spot, as would be the case with a telescoping, single-boom crane. Being able to reach more of the deck without manual assistance saves substantial time — and being able to reach the entire deck makes unloading tires a breeze.

What’s more, a 46P hydraulic-drive air compressor is mounted on the crane base with a hydraulic cooler. This air compressor has a 46 cfm at 175 psi output. The location allows for cool, clean, fresh air intake and easy maintenance and serviceability.

Additional crane features include:

  • Standard fully proportional radio remote control and manual controls with the ability to do multiple functions at once; controls mounted to valve bank.
  • Fully enclosed extension boom cylinder.
  • Hexagon-shaped secondary and extension.
  • Load-holding counterbalance valves.
  • Accessories include: 1/2″ x 50′ and 3/8″ x 50′ hose reels, plastic storage bins and socket racks.

Stellar Ag Tire Trucks

Stellar offers a robust lineup of farm tire service trucks with a 400-gallon ballast pumping system to meet your toughest demands.


Available in a 13' or 15' all-aluminum body with at least 52 cubic feet of storage.

9000 Ag Tire Service Truck changing tire on John Deere combine


Heavy-duty 15' steel body with more than 60 cubic feet of storage.

Every Stellar Ag Tire Service Truck contains a variety of convenient features and options designed to make you more efficient. In fact, our tire truck bodies, cranes and compressors include attributes not found on competitive tire service trucks, including:

  • 400-gallon ballast pumping system
  • Extruded aluminum plank floors for greater strength and longevity
  • Extruded aluminum body liners
  • Stainless-steel hinges
  • Innovative work lights that work every time
  • Direct-drive hydraulic driven air compressor systems — no more loose or worn belts
  • Unique crane/tire manipulator and compressor on a common base — frees up valuable tool storage space and eliminates rusted drive shafts and U-joints

Portable Fluid Skids: Handle Fluids with Ease

When you add a Stellar Portable Fluid Skid to your Ag Tire Service Truck, the task of handling fluids, regardless of location, can be done easily and efficiently. The Stellar Portable Fluid Skid is a 400-gallon poly tank with a built-in air agitator and steel tubing frame with a lifting eyelet for ease of removal. This system also includes an antifreeze dispenser, moisture separator, regulator, hose, ejector and fluid pumping system.

Portable Fluid Skid Features:

  • Air-driven pump (18 gpm)
  • Reinforced poly tank
  • Air-agitator mixing system
  • Heavy-duty all-steel skid
  • Single control valve
  • Heavy-duty lifting bracket
  • Optional freshwater rinse tank
  • Air operated
  • Low noise level
  • Self-priming
  • Easy service (only four bolts)
  • Operate dry without any damage
  • No center housing to collect moisture


  • Dry weight: 700 lbs
  • Dimensions: 86.23″ L x 36.25″ W x 47.74″ H
  • Up to 30 gpm pumping capacity

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