Service & Mechanic Truck Cranes

Give productivity a lift with Stellar® Service Truck Cranes. The innovative leader for streamlined design and high-quality performance, Stellar offers a complete selection of mechanic truck cranes to meet any need. Reach. Strength. Remote control. Get it all with a Stellar Service Crane.

Service Cranes

Get more productivity from your mechanic truck or service truck by adding a Stellar Service Truck Crane. Models are available for nearly any truck body, and the reach, power and performance of a Stellar telescopic crane adds significant versatility to help you get more done in less time.

Stellar’s Service Truck Crane lineup is large, so you can find the ideal model to meet your needs. When the working conditions call for rugged, nonstop performance, Stellar Hydraulic Cranes are up to the task. For lighter duty, count on Stellar Electric Cranes and Electric-Hydraulic Cranes. When space is limited, compact Stellar T-Boom Cranes provide the reach you need.

All Stellar Service Truck Cranes feature Stellar’s exclusive Crane Dynamics Technology (CDT™) for wireless remote control. CDTpro™, CDTplus™ and CDT™ Radio Remote Control Systems provide control for safe, convenient operation away from the load.

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