Lube Skids & Systems

Increase fleet uptime by performing lube services in the field with Stellar’s lube skid lineup.

Preventive maintenance is essential for heavy equipment reliability, but it can also cost you valuable time and lost productivity. Stellar® Lube Skids reduce downtime and save money by letting you perform lube services in the field as an affordable alternative to a dedicated lube truck.

Lube skids from Stellar are engineered for easy installation on mechanic trucks, service trucks and vans to increase your field service capabilities. You can choose from permanent and mobile lube skids with a range of capacities as well as different configurations for oil tanks, waste oil storage, hose reels and more, making it easy to get the lube system that works best for you. All units come complete with hardware to mount and plumb. Stellar also offers a range of fuel and lube trailers.

Like all Stellar products, LubeMate® lube skids are quality-built for accurate performance and long-term reliability. They work with air compressors from Stellar and other brands, and they include a quick coupler for easy setup. Some units are available in aluminum for reduced weight.

Stellar created the American Eagle® brand in 2002, including drawer systems, air compressors and LubeMate lube skids and trailers. All products now carry the Stellar name as an assurance of quality.

Smart & Affordable

A dedicated lube truck is expensive and lacks the versatility to perform more functions. Stellar Lube Skids do more at a fraction of the cost. A technician can handle the traditional field tasks of a service truck or van plus perform lube truck services like topping off oils and removing salvage oil. Reel cabinets, drip pans, grease kits and more can be added for time-saving convenience as well as increased security.

Along with the improved productivity from maintaining equipment in the field, Stellar Lube Skids save money because there’s no separate chassis to buy and insurance costs are less than covering a dedicated lube truck.

Several Stellar Lube Skids are available in aluminum, which are more than 30% lighter than the steel units for added payload and provide superior corrosion resistance.

Find The Perfect Choice

Whether you want to turn your mechanic truck into a lube truck with high capacity and multiple hose reels or a simple preventive maintenance machine, there’s a Stellar Lube Skid just right for your application. You can view each unit below for details.

Several Stellar Lube Skids are available in aluminum, which are more than 30% lighter than the steel units for added payload and provide superior corrosion resistance.

Permanent and Mobile Lube Skids and More

Explore Stellar’s lineup of lube skids and other time-saving solutions to find the equipment that fits your fleet best.

Photo of a LM220M Poly Mobile Lube Skid in front of a white background

LM220M (Poly)

Four 55-gal poly tanks: two for fresh oil, one for waste oil and one for antifreeze.

Mobile Only
LM90 Mobile Lube Skid


Lube skid with a 45-gallon new oil tank and 45-gallon waste oil tank.

Steel Aluminum
LM110 Mobile Lube Skid


Lube skid with a 55-gallon new oil tank and 55-gallon waste oil tank.

Steel Aluminum
LM120 Mobile Lube Skid


The convenience of two 40-gallon new oil tanks and a 49-gallon waste oil tank.

Steel Aluminum
LM160 Mobile Lube Skid


Meet more demands with two 40-gallon oil tanks and an 80-gallon waste oil tank.

Steel Aluminum
LM200 Mobile Lube Skid


High-capacity, lube skid with three 40-gallon oil tanks and an 80-gallon waste oil tank.

Steel Aluminum
LM300 Mobile Lube Skid


Our highest capacity lube skid with four 50-gallon oil tanks and a 100-gallon waste oil tank.

Steel Aluminum
Salvage System Tank

Salvage Systems

Safe, clean waste oil storage and handling solutions.

Waste Oil Caddy

Shop Caddies

Portable fuel and oil storage options.

Optimize your Service vehicle

Because different people use service vehicles in different ways, Stellar makes it easy to outfit yours with a wide range of accessories.

Reel Cabinets

Increase convenience and security with cabinets for 25′ or 50′ hose reels.

  • Pneumatic control panel with air regulator
  • Weather stripping
  • Gas struts
  • Lockable T-latch handles
  • Widths up to 96″

Salvage System Cabinet

Drip Pans

Trim labor time by meeting specific needs with drip pans for 25′ or 50′ hose reels.

  • Multiple reel options
  • Pneumatic control panel with air regulator

Salvage System Reel Asmy Drip Pan

Grease Kits

Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of a complete, all-in-one lube system.

  • Higher pressure and better greasing than with a standard hand- or battery-operated system
  • 35-lb, 120-lb and 400-lb options

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