Charitable Giving

At Stellar, charitable giving is an opportunity to reinforce our purpose and our greater cause — beyond just products and services — and to serve the communities in which our employees live and work.

Stellar’s charitable giving programs are designed to support organizations and programs that benefit and support positive change in our communities. We focus our charitable dollars on communities, social services and education.

So that we can concentrate our efforts on our objectives, we are unable to consider requests or provide gifts or other charitable support to the following:

  • Directly to individuals or families
  • Political organizations or campaigns
  • Religious organizations or other organizations performing ministry. However, at the committee’s discretion, donations may be made to these organizations for a secular purpose (For instance, a church that operates a food bank for the entire community of people regardless of church membership or affiliation could be eligible.)
  • Organizations that discriminate against any class of persons or group
  • Any organization the committee determines is not aligned with the charitable mission of Stellar
  • Any cause the committee deems, in their sole discretion, to be illegal, controversial or otherwise incompatible with the charitable mission of Stellar

If you believe your request meets the guidelines above, please submit your request below.

Donation Request Form

Stellar will accept applications on a monthly basis. Applicants must complete and submit this application form: